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A Guide to Password Management for Your Business

Businesses need to take every step they can to make sure their employees and others who access their portals and applications practice good password management. Here is a quick guide.
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6 Ways 3D Printing Saves Businesses Money

Known also as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is recognized for its ability to produce highly precise parts quickly and efficiently. In this guide, we explore how additive manufacturing helps companies save money.
Business App

10 Must-Have Features Your Business App Should Offer

Businesses with apps that offer convenient and intuitive shopping experiences tend to attract a larger amount of online consumers. Consider these ten features to improve your apps functionality.

5 Ways Corporate Videos Will Help Your Business

In recent years, social media has become a much more prevalent form of advertising. It seems as if all businesses, small and enormous, are flocking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter to post their own original content, including videos. The race is on to show consumers why their brands are the best. Here are 5 reasons why corporate videos are the best form of spreading brand influence. After reading these, hopefully you’ll be inspired to try your hand at making your own marketing video.

Does Your Business Need an App?

It often seems as though there is an app for everything these days. From ordering pizza to completely mundane tasks, you will be able to find an app. It has become so prevalent that few companies even question if they need one in the first place. It can often feel like a trend that everyone thinks they need to follow without actually knowing why. If you are a startup, you too may be wondering about creating an app for your company. It seems like a good way to draw in potential customers and cater to a growing demand, so why not. Read the article below to discover if this is really what you should do:

Barbecue: Food Franchising’s Next Big Trend? ‎

RestaurantNews.com: The world of food franchising doesn’t lack for sub shops, fast Mexican and Chinese restaurants and burger joints. But barbecue restaurants aren’t nearly as...

Barbecue: Food Franchising’s Next Big Trend?

MarketWatch: The world of food franchising doesn't lack for sub shops, fast Mexican and Chinese restaurants and burger joints. But barbecue restaurants aren't nearly as...

Invincible Franchises Face Tough Challenger

franchise-net.com: Franchising has had an unquestionable impact on many countries economies and is widely acclaimed for its contribution to GDP, retail sales, job creation and...