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Prevent Distractions

Working from Home: 4 Habits to Avoid to Prevent Distractions

Many business owners work from home, especially when first starting out. It's important to focus if you do work at home to prevent potential distractions. Avoid these four habits to improve your productivity.
launching a startup

Launching a Startup: Prevent Stumbling at the Finish Line

Launching a startup involves taking a leap of faith in yourself. You are asserting your confidence that you have what it takes to succeed.
downtime - featured image

Take Steps to Prevent Unscheduled Downtime

Even if a web page is down for only a few minutes, you could lose revenue as well as potential customers. Understanding how to prevent unscheduled downtime is essential for improving how your domain functions.
conference call disruptions

Preventing Common Conference Call Disruptions

Instead of spending a fortune on travel costs for face-to-face meetings, businesses now utilize instant messaging, cloud work spaces, and screen-sharing platforms. More importantly, they now seamlessly bring entire teams together by arranging a simple conference call.

How to Prevent Data Breaches Without Blowing Your Budget

Warding off data breaches in your small business will involve spending some of your hard-earned profits. For example, there are some must-have protections you need to implement, including anti-virus software and firewalls. However, there are a number of inexpensive measures you can also take. For example, you can beef up your password policies. And you can purchase software for monitoring employees. These measures will greatly increase your defenses. Let's take a closer look at some further strategies here.

5 Things Self-Employed People Can Do to Prevent Lawsuits

Being self-employed gives you the freedom to be your own boss, work when you choose and take holidays when you want. However, it also comes with responsibilities, and some of these are legal obligations. As such, it is important to familiarize yourself with current legislation to ensure you are working within the confines of the law. Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from lawsuits.

6 Ways to Prevent Bad Debt From Ruining Your Business

One of the most important aspects of running a small or medium-sized business is being able to ensure that you have a steady flow...

Preventing Entrepreneurial Burnout

The next time you begin to feel a little worn thin, keep in mind these tips from Forbes. Schedule many regular micro-breaks. Build 5, 5-minute breaks...

Preventing Entrepreneurial Burnout

The next time you begin to feel a little worn thin, keep in mind these tips from Forbes. Schedule many regular micro-breaks. Build 5, 5-minute breaks...

Flame Retardant May Prevent Homes From Burning

Anyone who has been in an area where major fires have hit know the damage that can occur. However, a new flame retardant...

LifeVantage's Nrf2 Activator Reviewed for Tumor Prevention and Suppression

PR Newswire: LifeVantage Corporation, the maker of Protandim®, a clinically demonstrated, science-based therapy for the reduction of oxidative stress by the synergistic activation of Nrf2,...

Protandim® Found to Prevent a Process that Causes Blood Vessel Blockage

PR Newswire: LifeVantage Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: LFVN), the maker of science-based solutions to oxidative stress, announced today that a new peer-reviewed study involving its...

Device Helps Prevent House Fires

Lyle Chesley had been out shopping with his family when he got a call telling him that his house was on fire. He...

Visa To Use Phone’s Location To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Sure, you like all the great benefits of having your phone know where you are. Looking up directions or local weather information becomes that...

Global Prevention Services Embraces Franchising During National Expansion

WebWire: Global Prevention Services (GPS), one of the nation’s largest microbial prevention and remediation companies, has become a rising star in the mold remediation and...

Preventing Charge Backs

photo credit: hansol A simplistic focus on sales may not be typical for most entrepreneurs, but even savvy business owners may falter when faced...

Prevent Franchisee Unrest

BluMauMau: Franchise owner-operators share their thoughts on what would have turned their frown upside-down at UnhappyFranchisee.com. Here are three top ways franchisors can create happier...

Sales Prevention Strategies?

photo credit: publik15 There was a recent interview done on OpenForum where the interviewee was being asked what he thought about the companies sales prevention specialist....

DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals Stresses Importance Of Dryer Vent Maintenance In Preventing Home Fires

Franchising.com: Fire prevention week is October 5-11 and DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals is urging consumers to help protect their families and homes from the danger...
online appointment scheduling - featured image

7 Business Benefits of Using Online Appointment Scheduling

If you want to retain more customers, provide the best experience by using online appointment scheduling. Here are seven business benefits of using online appointment scheduling.