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5 Good Reasons to Purchase Products Made in the USA

If you've become addicted, as many Americans have, to cheap products delivered fast, you might need some persuading to return to purchasing products made in the USA. That's what this article is all about. Keep reading.

Entrepreneur.com Needs Indie Products For 2011 Gift Guide

From now until Thanksgiving, we invite all eligible businesses to tell us about ONE item that you sell that is the perfect gift for...

Baby Products To Your Door

It's hard enough having a new baby in the house, none-the-less trying to get out and buy everything they need. That is the...

HerbalUK Offers Best Source For Herbalife Products In The UK

Live-PR: HerbalUK.co.uk is the best Herbalife online store in the UK- that specialises in selling various supplements for weight loss. They also sell bodybuilding supplements,...

Avon Products Benefits From Geographic Diversity

Forbes.com: Avon Products Inc. is positioned to withstand economic weakness because of geographic diversity and demand for its favorably priced cosmetics, according to one analyst. Citi...

Product Variety: How Consumers See Your Brand

How Product Variety Influences Customers We all know variety is the spice of life – and this is definitely true in business. Offering a wide...

Saha's OCC Creates New Direct Sales Opportunity

Bangkok Post: OCC Plc, a Saha Group marketing arm for fashion and cosmetic products, will begin its multi-level direct-sales business by the end of this...

Pet Lovers Can Pamper Their Fuzzy Friends And Make Money Too

Just like any parent, when you get pet parents together they are going to chat about what they love most, their pets! The...
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4 Ways Investors Can Make Money Online in 2021

One of the positive effects of the pandemic lockdowns was the advent of many new opportunities to make money online. Here, we take a look at some of them.

How To Start a Coffee Shop

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to open up your own coffee shop? It is an exciting business...
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How to Develop a Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to develop a beautiful and fully functional website, you'll need to hire a web development company. This article provides a step-by-step guide for what it takes to develop a beautiful website that is easy to use and provides your business with everything it needs.
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Big Bitcoin Shopping Opportunities You’ll Love

The crypto-friendly phase of shopping has now arrived, and it is progressing nicely. So if you haven't yet begun accepting bitcoin in payment for your business's products and services, perhaps this post will convince you to consider that option now.
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Pivoting: Companies That Transformed During the Pandemic

Many businesses shifted their business models during the pandemic, pivoting to adapt to the changing times. Entrepreneurs who are launching their ideas in 2021 or are bringing their current companies into the new year can take multiple lessons from companies that pulled off a pivot.
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7 of 2020’s Most Valuable Brand-Building Tips

The main aim of brand-building today is the same as it was yesterday. It's just that you need to be more resourceful to get through to today’s digitally empowered audiences.
investment opportunities

5 Potentially Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Knowing how to invest in a business can be a daunting task. Starting out, it can be difficult to figure out what businesses are even worth your time, money, and commitment. However, considering some current trends and industries on the rise, these are a few investment areas worth considering for the near future.
manufacturer in China

How to Find a Manufacturer in China in 2019

Manufacturing in China: Set aside your doubts and see why everybody does it. We tell you how to find a manufacturer in China, import from China, and grow your business the right way.
average order value

How to Increase the Average Order Value in Your E-Commerce Store

A lot of business details matter in e-commerce. However, at the end of the day it’s all about driving more traffic and growing revenue. While there are a number of ways to do so, no strategy is more effective than increasing your store’s average order value, or AOV. Let’s look at how to increase the average order value in your e-commerce store.
amazon stumbles

Avoid the Amazon Stumbles by Seeking to Be Well-Informed

We've all experienced the Amazon stumbles, right? Perhaps you bought a piece of equipment for your business or some shampoo for personal use. Either way, buyers' remorse can quickly set in after an online purchase. However, you no longer have any excuse to remain uninformed. For virtually everything you might want to buy, you'll find lots of information online. Use this information to make well-informed decisions when purchasing at Amazon.
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Tap into the Power of Micro-Influencers and Win

Today, social media platforms give marketers exciting new ways to connect with an increasingly diverse audience. In the past, every business owner's wildest dream was to persuade a celebrity to get on board and promote their brand. However, that power now lies firmly with social media influencers. More specifically, it lies with micro-influencers.
venture capital

5 Companies That Benefited from Venture Capital Investing

Venture capital investing is one way of several ways to fund a business startup or capitalize for growth. Many successful companies today have taken advantage of this type of financing in the beginning.