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Streamlining Business Processes for Success

Business processes define a company's success in client relationship and employee satisfaction. Streamlining how you do work will lead to success.
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Revise Your Payment Process and Boost Profits

Your goal as the owner of a small business is to make a profit by selling as much as possible, and this process can become complicated if it's allowed to get that way. The good news is you can take a lot of control over your processes as a whole.

Direct and Indirect Costs Involved in Workplace Accidents

Accidents are among the worst things that can happen at your workplace. Things can be even worse if you are running a workplace that is especially dangerous. For example, if the work space you are running is in a warehouse, the likelihood of a workplace injury is higher than if you were running an office. That’s why it’s important to follow some business safety tips. Whenever there's an accident in the workplace, there are indirect and direct costs to your business. Keep reading to educate yourself about these costs.

Remember that Marketing is a Negotiation Process

With the immense pressure marketing personnel in every size company are up against to recoup losses from the recent economic downturn, it’s very easy...

Bring Your Franchise Sales Process To A Peak

Franchising.com: Process Peak, a San Diego-based company, creates fully customizable virtual brochures for franchisors to take prospective franchisees through their entire sales process, while also...
4 Aspects for Creating a Successful Virtual Event

4 Key Aspects of a Successful Virtual Event

Every virtual event starts with an idea. Here we discuss four points that will help you create a successful virtual event from your initial inspiration.

Finding Inspiration: Profile Of A Successful Franchisee

TheFranchiseHound: TheFranchiseHound interviewed Kyle Kinney, a franchise co-owner of two Biggby Coffee shops in Kalamazoo, Mich. Kinney recently expanded one of his stores and is...
Virtual Job Fairs: Best Practices for Employers

Virtual Job Fairs: Best Practices for Employers

A career fair is a program where employers search for fresh talent, interview candidates for a job opening, and provide them relevant information related to the recruitment process. Recently, virtual job fairs have enjoyed a rise in popularity.
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How the Way We Buy and Sell Real Estate Is Changing

Luckily, the way we buy and sell real estate is changing. Thanks to new technological advancements and bold thought leaders, real estate transactions are easier, more transparent, and frankly more fun than they’ve ever been.
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Why Is Contract Management Important to Your Business?

Contract management helps to ensure that all parties involved in a contract are aware of their obligations and responsibilities. It can help your business avoid costly legal disputes. In this article we outline five reasons why contract management is so crucial for business owners like you.
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Moving with Kids: Your Guide for a Smooth Transition

Moving is stressful for everyone, adults and kids alike. This can be especially true if you own a home-based business—and if you have children. What tips should you know to move smoothly and without any hassles? Keep reading to learn more.
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What Are the Perks of Using Trading Bots?

Simplify the process of trading and investing in today’s fast-paced world by using trading bots. Here, we give you a rundown of how much you’ll benefit if you take this advice.
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How to Properly Respond to Anonymous Complaints

Picture this: You walk into the office on a typical weekday morning. You sit down at your desk and discover you have received a complaint about one of your employees from an anonymous source. Here are a few tips to help you properly respond to anonymous complaints.
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10 Reasons Why Algorithmic Trading Is Profitable

Algorithmic trading has been around for a while. It is a trading strategy that uses mathematical rules to automatically trade stocks, futures, and other assets to generate returns on investment or reduce market risk. Here are ten reasons why algorithmic trading is profitable.
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5 Tips to Improve Purchase Order Management

Purchasing. It's a tough job sometimes, but somebody has to do it. There are plenty of obstacles to running a smooth procurement department. Many of them, sadly, happen at the purchase order stage.
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Let an Agile Consultant Help You Transform Your Business

An Agile consultant can help you and your team better understand Agile methods, leading to business transformation and maximizing project results.
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Technology and Its Role in Reducing Costs for Small Businesses

Technology has allowed small players to set up shop in industries dominated by global companies. Read on to understand how e-commerce tools and tech platforms reduce small businesses' costs.
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Franchising?

Maybe you have wondered, “How much do franchise owners make?” If you're thinking about venturing into a franchise, it’s imperative before you make a decision to know the good and bad points of franchising.
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ISO 20022 and ISO 20022-Compliant Cryptocurrencies

ISO 20022 is an international standard for the portrayal of electronic messages in organizations offering financial services. In this article, we share important details you should know about ISO 20022.
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5 Important Reasons for Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance is a crucial addition to any business owner's financial portfolio. It offers complete financial security to your family in your absence. Here we discuss the importance of comparing life insurance quotes when buying a policy.