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green procurement

Why Your Business Needs a Green Procurement Strategy

You might be wondering what green procurement is and why your business needs it. What are the benefits of such a strategy? This article seeks to address these and other questions.

Mobile Biz Procurement App

Government Technology: A new mobile app is providing business owners with more convenient access to Virginia’s e-procurement system. Launched Tuesday, Aug. 14, the program — eVA...
purchase order - featured image

5 Tips to Improve Purchase Order Management

Purchasing. It's a tough job sometimes, but somebody has to do it. There are plenty of obstacles to running a smooth procurement department. Many of them, sadly, happen at the purchase order stage.
buyer - featured image

The 4 Types of Professional Buyer

Every professional buyer has his or her own techniques and methods when it comes to the way they work. They are motivated by different motives and goals which affect how they go about their jobs. Here we explore four different types of professional buyers.
post-pandemic - featured image

How to Set Your Business Up for Post-Pandemic Success

Planning for the future of your business was never easy, but it is even more challenging in our post-pandemic world. Read on for some helpful suggestions.
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Get Professional Security Seals for Your Products

If your business is responsible for distributing or producing products for consumption, industry regulations and standards require you to use the best possible security measures, including security seals. This is essential for the safety of your customers and the reputation of your corporation.
futures trading - featured image

A Guide to Futures Trading: How Does It Work?

What exactly is futures trading, and how does it work? We explore this topic in detail in the article here. Read on to learn about it.
ERP software - featured image

How Will ERP Software Benefit Your Business?

Every business can benefit massively from enterprise resource planning, or ERP. And with ERP software on your side, nothing will stand in your way. If you can plan it, roll it out, and execute it, the business world is your oyster.
supply chain - featured image

How the Supply Chain Affects Business Success

Whatever its size or age, if you want to ensure that your business is thriving in the future, the supply chain should be at the very center of management attention.
apparel erp - featured image

10 Benefits of Using an Apparel ERP Solution

Innovative technologies can help companies in the apparel industry gain insights into their business processes. In fact, apparel ERP, meaning enterprise resource planning software designed specifically for the apparel industry, is an ideal solution.
information technology - featured image

Information Technology Is Essential to Business Success

In boardrooms across the world, heated debates about information technology, or IT, waste time and lead to poor decision-making. One of the best ways to defuse these controversies is to invite an expert into the conversation.
financial processes

Why Automation Trumps Manual for Financial Processes

To be able to fully trust your financial reports, you need to be able to completely trust your financial processes. Without airtight processes, you’ll find mistakes and errors that can set everything off.
trade war

Trade War: Is It Causing Damage to International Trade?

The US-China trade war has done more than just ruffle a few feathers in recent months. For Asia-Pacific traders and producers, the idea of an ongoing long-term trade war is becoming a reality. Moreover, the situation is unlikely to ease off for at least a few years. So we spoke to Deepesh Patel at Trade Finance Global (TFG) to ask him what this trade war means for international trade. We wanted to know how trade flows could change. Read on to find out more.
warehouse - truck

Is Your Warehouse Easily Accessible to Transport Vehicles?

A warehouse that isn't accessible is an inefficient warehouse. And inefficiency leads to lost money. According to research by Intermec, unproductive workflows in small- to medium-sized warehouses lead companies to lose an incredible 3,000 work hours per year. In any business, time is money. If your transport vehicles aren’t accessing your facility with ease, then you’re losing both every day. Here are some foolproof ways to improve your warehouse design so that it is more easily accessible.

How Benchmarking Can Help Your Organization Crush the Competition

Benchmarking is no savior, but it can enable businesses to have keen insight that enables them to better prepare for their futures. It’s one piece of a larger strategy to keep organizations competitive and ahead of the game.

Conduct Some Basic Due Diligence Before You Invest in a Franchise

When you’re on the outside looking in, franchises can look like a straight road to success, because hopping into the franchise boat means joining a business that has already proved itself to the market. However, what can you do to make sure that your franchise is among that happy 90% that succeed? Some important ingredients for your success are itemized here.

Six Paths to Discovering a Blue Ocean Business Idea

Blue ocean ideas are prolific and there are more just waiting to be discovered. But finding them is often like a trying to find a specific shell on a huge beach. Commercially compelling blue ocean ideas are surrounded by cool but unprofitable ideas, red ocean ideas and some truly awful ones. There are six methods that can be used to sift viable blue ocean ideas from the random tangle of possibilities.[1] Business owners should be prepared to begin with the end in mind when building-out business strategies.

Getting Started With Grant Proposals

Are you having a little trouble getting the grants you need for your small business? Small Business Trends has a few tips to...

Keep Your Business Running During a Disaster

It’s a situation none of us want to consider, but unfortunately experience and history has shown us that we need to be prepared for...

What Brushing Your Teeth Tells You About Federal Grant Funding

The following is a guest post by Kevin Bowen. To understand how federal technology grants can improve the bottom line of a small business, we...