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Who Stole My Baby? A Real Life Inventor’s Tale Of Advice

The following is a guest post by Julia M. Stroud, Ph.D. “There are no patent police,” Mark Schneider informed me with a rueful...

Real Life Transformer

You might have seen him on American Idol. Although he did not get far on the show, his outfit garnered plenty of attention....

Real Life Accounting

Yesterday, my hometown newspaper profiled a local accountant who offers accounting courses on the internet. Modesto Bee:John Day of Sonora claims to have just what...

College Grad Realizes Life Long Dream In Manufacturing

As soon as Paul DeWys turned 15 years old, he went out and got a work permit. That was only the first step...

Wallace & Gromit To Profile Real-Life Inventors On TV Show

A new TV show, hosted by the popular claymation inventors Wallace & Gromit, will be debuting in various countries reports CBC News. Commissioned by the...

Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank

Experts say there are real lessons for an entrepreneur to learn from the ABC reality show Shark Tank, in which entrepreneurs vie for venture...
Real Estate

How to Really Grow Your Real Estate Agency in 2022

The lack of agents is a perennial problem for many real estate agencies. Not having enough people to connect customers with promising properties can equate to unnoticed earning potential for businesses. Here's why you should invest in recruitment for your agency.
Downtown City Real Estate

How COVID-19 Has Changed Downtown City Real Estate

Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way the world sees remote employment. However, does this affect downtown city real estate?
parenting - featured image

New to Parenting? Questions to Ask Before Buying Life Insurance

There comes a day for many couples when they are ready to start a family. However, parenting can be one of the most expensive things you take on as a couple. But before you buy life insurance online, ask yourself these four basic questions.
life - featured image

Will Life Ever Get Back to Normal?

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, many people thought life would get back to normal in a few weeks at most. But when the virus really took hold and the world began to feel its dire consequences, a grim reality set in. Now we wonder, will life ever get back to normal?
your online business - featured image

Your Online Business: Real-World Tips to Help It Grow

If you have decided to work from home by starting an online business, you may be looking for ways to help it grow. In this article, we provide some practical tips that can help in growing your online business.

Marketing for Real Estate Agents: What You Should Be Doing Right Now!

Marketing for real estate agents can be tough in such a competitive market. Learn the best marketing tactics as an agent to...

How To Use Facebook Ads for Real Estate Marketing

Using Facebook Ads for real estate marketing is an excellent resource when done correctly. Learn how to use Facebook ads to target...

55 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Here are 55 Real Estate Social Media Posts that will drive more engagement, increase brand awareness, and help you to sell more...
qualitative research - featured image

Qualitative Research Tells You What Customers Really Want

In order to fully understand your customers, you need both quantitative and qualitative market research. In this post we explore the benefits to your business of qualitative research.
real estate investing - featured image

Investing in Real Estate: 5 Points to Study First

Investing in real estate opens up countless possibilities. What’s more, each of these possibilities has the potential to change your life dramatically. However, whether these changes are positive or negative is completely up to you. Here's what you should consider before investing in real estate.

24 Business Ideas in Real Estate That Are Very Successful

Are you thinking of business ideas in real estate as your next venture? The real estate industry is a super lucrative business...
virtual reality - featured image

Make Your Trade Show Booth Interactive with Virtual Reality

Want to wow the crowds at your next trade show event? Then give your booth’s visitors an interactive experience with virtual reality.
life insurance business - featured image

Finding Leads Online for Your Life Insurance Business

One of the hardest parts of owning a life insurance business is finding leads. You could have all the knowledge and experience you need to offer clients the best advice on life insurance products for their lives. However, the challenge is finding those clients who need your services. How can you effectively get out in front of those prospects?
gupta - featured image

Vinod Gupta: Lifelong Philanthropist

Businessman and investor Vinod Gupta lives by a seemingly simple philosophy: learn, earn, and return. This philosophy has enabled him to donate more than $50 million toward various philanthropic endeavors.