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Bathroom Remodeling: A Guide to Consider Before You Start

So you have finally decided to pursue your bathroom remodeling plans. You're probably feeling pretty excited about it. You have been thinking about this for a while, and you already have some design ideas in mind. But be sure to read this handy guide first.
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3 Financing Solutions for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you're planning a kitchen remodeling project, where will you get the money? Here are three financing options to ensure you won’t end up broke after building your dream kitchen.

A Good Decade for Remodeling Businesses

The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard has released a report showing that the remodeling industry is beginning to recover from the worst...

Niche In Residential Remodeling

Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal: Wayne Keffer’s entire career has been related to construction and he loves working with his hands and problem-solving. But it took...

Auburn Applebee’s To Undergo Remodeling

Opelika Auburn News: Applebee’s franchisee AmRest LLC recently announced that its Auburn restaurant will close briefly for remodeling at the end of March. The Applebee’s restaurant,...

Sizzler Remodeling Program Heats Up With Latest Reopening

Business Wire: “This is a Sizzler? No way!” It’s a comment heard a lot these days as the popular family casual chain and its franchisees...

In Uncertain Economy, Kitchen Remodeling Franchise Offering Cost-Effective Remodeling Solutions

PitchEngine: Kitchen Tune-Up, a kitchen remodeling franchise concept offering a variety of cost-effective services to renew surfaces, add features, and improve a room's layout, ranked...
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5 Success Stories from Home Improvement Business Owners

What makes someone successful in a field that is notoriously difficult to break into? If you are interested in finding out, you should surely read this post. Here we share some of the success stories of home improvement business owners. So be ready to be inspired.
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The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Kitchen

If you own a home-based business, upgrading your home in every way possible will make your life better and your work life easier. To that end, have you ever considered installing an outdoor kitchen? Here we list some of the many benefits.
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Enjoy the Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

You might brush off the idea of remodeling your kitchen. You think it’s a luxury you can’t afford. But before you shrug it off, consider these benefits of a kitchen remodel.
Prevent Distractions

Working from Home: 4 Habits to Avoid to Prevent Distractions

Many business owners work from home, especially when first starting out. It's important to focus if you do work at home to prevent potential distractions. Avoid these four habits to improve your productivity.
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How to Add More Value to Your Home

If you have the opportunity to make improvements to your home, there is no better time to start than the present. You can make changes little by little, and before you know it, your property will have increased in value.
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Why Renovating Your Home Is Beneficial

Whether you have gotten tired of how your home looks or you are planning to sell it one day, renovating your home is something you should take into serious consideration.
Home Improvements

Home Improvements: How to Add Value to Your Property

Are you considering selling your property soon? If you want to increase it's resale value, consider making these simple home improvements.
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Let Employees Design the New Workspace After Relocation

Statistics show that among businesses that recently relocated, only businesses that allowed their employees to be an active part of the moving process were successful afterward. So if you’re planning on relocating your company, be sure to allow employees to have a hand in designing their new workspace.

55 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Here are 55 Real Estate Social Media Posts that will drive more engagement, increase brand awareness, and help you to sell more...

How to Start a Construction Company

Starting a construction company doesn’t have to be hard even though you may feel overwhelmed by all of the business and financial...

24 Business Ideas in Real Estate That Are Very Successful

Are you thinking of business ideas in real estate as your next venture? The real estate industry is a super lucrative business...
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Start Your Own Boiler Repair and Plumbing Business

Now is a great time to start a boiler repair and plumbing business, as the industry is expected to grow over the next few years because of new construction. Read on to learn what it takes to start your business and build it from the ground up.

Ways a Self Storage Unit Can Benefit Business Owners

Self storage units can be beneficial to business owners. They provide a space to store everything from sensitive paperwork to surplus inventory in a safe and climate-controlled environment.