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Why the Data Logger Is Replacing the Chart Recorder

This is the story of how the chart recorder—a remarkable tool in its time—was ultimately replaced by the digital data logger. The data logger is a better tool for the same job, but it probably wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for the trail blazed by the chart recorder.
NetSuite feature

NetSuite Integration: Replacing Point-to-Point Connectivity with Automation

A manual approach to NetSuite Integration is cumbersome, error-prone, and resource-intensive. Therefore, make use of automation instead.

Replacing Hospital’s Whiteboards

When you see the doctors standing in front of the whiteboard with all of the patients and surgeries mapped out on Grey’s Anatomy, that’s...

Replacing Gasoline With Thorium

You may find yourself spending a lot of money on gas for your car today, but the car of the future may only require...

Netbooks Replacing Laptops?

photo credit: wstryder This new year has been several times called the year for innovation. For upgrading less than perfect products and so on....

Looking To Move? The Recopack Is Replacing The Traditional Cardboard Box

The average life of a cardboard box isn't very long. They can usually last through one or two uses before they end up...

Web Replacing Books And Magazines In Bathroom

Yahoo Tech: Never mind that people are doing work while they're on the toilet, even casual electronics users are taking them into the bathroom for...
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Headphones for Office Use: Important Features to Look For

Are you in need of some headphones for the office? Never fear. You can find equipment with sound quality that is clear and crisp, providing just the right sound profile for business use. Here are some things to consider.
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How to Create Conditions for Employee Development

Why does an employee who copes well with their tasks and has the potential for growth leave a company? Quite often, it is because the employee sees few opportunities for career development in their current job.
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Why Renters Insurance Is Important for Home Business Owners

If you own a home-based business in a home that you rent, take the wise step of protecting your belongings with renters insurance. Read all about it in this post.
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Get Professional Security Seals for Your Products

If your business is responsible for distributing or producing products for consumption, industry regulations and standards require you to use the best possible security measures, including security seals. This is essential for the safety of your customers and the reputation of your corporation.
Financial Plan

2021 Financial Plan: 5 Essentials You Must Include

In order to build a successful business, entrepreneurs must ensure they are financially capable to do so. Here are five essentials for you to include in your financial plan in 2021.
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Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Lawn

Attract more walk-in customers to your business by maintaining a beautiful commercial lawn. Follow the lawn care suggestions here to ensure your commercial lawn remains attractive all year.
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Why Remote Working Is the Future of the IT Industry

Remote working as a concept has been around for years, and now it’s fast replacing the traditional office setup. In fact, forward-thinking organizations no longer promote rigid nine-to-five schedules, and they are happily looking for ways to replace it with flexible remote work.
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Start a Home-Based Career in Transcription

If you have decent language skills in even one language, and you love watching video content, there may be a new home-based career available to you. Welcome to the profession of transcription, a specialty you can do while watching videos.
refinance your mortgage

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage to Start Your Business?

Have you considered refinancing your mortgage and using the proceeds from the new loan to start your dream business? Or perhaps your business is already up and running and you’re looking for a way to ease its cash flow situation. In this post we help you weigh your options.
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Managing Change Within an Existing Business

The mantra for effecting positive change within an existing business needs to be "the simpler the better." This involves making lots of tiny changes that eventually become the larger transformation the business owner has in mind.
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10 Signs Your Asphalt Parking Lot Needs Repair

A shiny, pitch-black asphalt parking lot increases the attractiveness of your business and tells your customers that you take care of your company’s premises. However, if your parking lot is looking rough around the edges, you might need have it repaired. Here are some signs to look for.
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Keep Your Company’s Sensitive Information Safe

Companies that conduct business online need to take precautionary measures to protect their sensitive information. The hard truth is that a data breach could deliver a fatal blow to your business. Read on to learn how to keep your company’s sensitive information secure.

Want to Look More Professional? Consider These 7 Little Touches

Image by rawpixel.com at Pexels Your appearance matters, both for first impressions and your ongoing reputation. This is...