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Choosing the Best eWallet for Your Business

Choosing the best ewallet in 2022 is both easy and difficult. In this article, we provide useful tips to help you decide.
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What Are Accounts Payable? Does Your Business Need Them?

Well-managed accounts payable can keep you from having to borrow money during leaner times, even if you find it necessary to scale up production. Read here to find out more.
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Design a Reusable Bag to Boost Your Business

Branded reusable bags serve two purposes. First, they help to conserve the environment. Second, they create awareness for your brand. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to design a branded reusable bag that customers will love.
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Read Any Good Books Lately? Start with This List

Harry Truman was once quoted as saying, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Making uninterrupted book reading a part of each day can replenish a busy leader’s ideas, build fresh approaches to problem solving, and allow for much-needed down time. Check out our recommendations here.

From Disheveled to Organized: Practical Tips for Better Inventory Control

When you’re running an extremely small company with just a few orders coming in each day, inventory control isn’t something you have to think much about. You just do it. But when your company scales up and you begin receiving hundreds or thousands of orders a week, the need for a strategy quickly becomes apparent. Here are some tips that will help you take a strategic, proactive approach to inventory control.

5 Productivity Tips for Working from Home

Does the nature of your business require you to work from home? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24% of U.S. workers did their work partly or entirely at home. There are many who thrive in a home environment and actually find it to be quite conducive for productivity. However, there are others who dread the temptations that come with the territory -- pajamas, television, and puppy videos galore, just to name a few. It takes a lot of discipline to keep yourself productive while you work from home, but here are a few tips you can practice from the comfort of your living room couch.

How To Open A Spirit Halloween Shop

It is about that time of year again - orange and black in every store window, the fragrant aroma of cinnamon sticks and apple cider in the air, and a Halloween Store in every city - maybe more than one. Have you ever wondered about these great big giant stores that pop up out of nowhere, last for 2 months and then close back up almost over night? Well we did a little research and discovered how they operate. While it may be too late for this year, you might want to think about opening one for next year.

Street Corner Founder Creates an Oasis of Convenience Retail

We recently spoke with Peter LaColla, CEO of Street Corner, to get the inside scoop on the secret to his franchise's success, one recent trend that has him excited for the future and what he looks for in potential franchisees.

The Price of Beauty: and the Profit

Stocks and shares rise and fall, businesses soar and fail, and entrepreneurs ride high and plummet gracelessly. The business world is much the same...

Halloween Stores: How Do They Work?

My wife mentioned earlier today that she received an email advertising Halloween costumes. Is it that time of the year already? Since we live in...

Brain Boosting IVs for Students

WorldCrunch: Earlier this week, within hours a photo taken at Xiaogan City High School in Hubei Province China was circulated all over China. In the...

Urban Breakthrough: Pervious Concrete

Normally, when rain water lands on concrete, it pools or runs downhill until it reaches a storm drain that then pipes the water far...

Bag of Ice Vending Machines

Bag of Ice is targeting vending operators with a versatile line of machines that the company says are designed to make it simple to...

Halloween Stores: How Do They Work?

My wife mentioned earlier today that she received an email advertising Halloween costumes. Is it that time of the year already? Since...

USPS Wants to Do Your Beer Run

CNBC: Oh, the beer run. That time-honored tradition of hopping in the car and heading to the local liquor establishment to replenish your...

Niche Biz: At-Home Spa Day

Equities.com: The beauty consultants at TheBeautyPlace.com believe long gone are the days of weekly manicures, bi-weekly root touch-ups with the stylist, and expensive spa treatments....

Claire’s Stores Appoints Jay Friedman As President, North America

Sacramento Bee: Claire's Stores, Inc., one of the world's leading specialty retailers of fashionable accessories and jewelry at affordable prices for young women, teens, tweens...

Issues Small Businesses Will Face In 2011

Business News Daily recently took a look at some of the issues that small businesses will have to face during the new year. ...

Men’s Clothing Essentials, Direct To Your Door

It is often said that men do not like to shop. That stereotype is often true. For men that do not enjoy...

Emerald City Smoothie Franchise Blends Into Partnership With LA Fitness, Expands Biz Model With...

Franchising.com: Thanks in large part to a new partnership with LA Fitness, Emerald City Smoothie will soon be offering more time-pressed gym goers a healthy...