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Fire Alarms

How Often Your Fire Alarms Should Be Tested

Many individuals and business owners overlook testing their fire alarms or smoke detectors on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake. This article will provide you with information about how often to test your fire alarms so you stay compliant and keep your business safe.
office security system - featured image

Why Your Business Needs an Office Security System

Security is an essential need for all living organisms. However, there are some areas where security is more important than others. Some of these areas include homes, hospitals, and businesses. An office security system is vital for a number of reasons.

5 Tips on Small Business Office Security

Cyber-security is important for small businesses, but so is physical security, as small brick-and-mortar businesses remain a target for local crime. Here are a few tips about the physical security of your office to help you make your decisions about this important topic.

Why Wireless Alarm Systems Are a Fine Choice for Farm Security

Making a farm property more secure can be a difficult business. After all, these properties are often in isolated places and made up of...

My-Alarm: Self Monitored Alarms

My-Alarm is a cellular phone based home alarm business opportunity. My-Alarm uses a wireless system to transmit an alarm notification (like a window or door...
rental property

What Can Owners Do to Protect Their Rental Property Investment?

Owning and managing rental property is a superior real estate investment opportunity because of the passive income you stand to earn. In this article, we outline six helpful strategies property owners can use to protect their rental property investment.
Business Technologies

5 Top Trending Business Technologies in 2021

It is true, technologies in the world is evolving faster than humans, which makes it a little scary. However, these technology trends have proved quite useful in our lives, especially in our business sector.
burglaries - featured image

How to Protect Your Home and Business from Burglaries

Have you ever wondered why burglaries happen? We explore that question here. Further, we look at the possibility that a Toronto locksmith could help you avoid the nearly inevitable for your home and your small business, given that a break-in occurs every few seconds.
evolution of e-commerce - featured image

The Evolution of E-Commerce

The progression of the Internet has had a profound influence on people’s lives. It has radicalized the way we think and completely revolutionized the way we live. However, perhaps the most notable contribution the Internet has made in our daily lives is the evolution of e-commerce.

From Small Businesses To Large Corporations: Be Prepared For Unexpected Power Outages

Savvy business owners are proactively making arrangements to secure their productivity and property in the event of an unforeseen emergency, such as a temporary...

How to Protect Your Brick-and-Mortar Store from Burglary

Unfortunately, a small brick-and-mortar store is a clear target for robbers and burglars. That's because, in most cases, security systems are weak. However, every single brick-and-mortar store owner needs to be protected. Here is how you can be sure that you will not be a target.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Launches “Iris” Smart Home

Cassandra Daily: Lowe’s Home Improvement recently launched Iris, a cloud-based “smart home” system for mobile device owners who want to monitor their homes’...

Keeping An Eye On Your Home Or Business

Alarm systems are tricky to use, expensive and a waste of time. Or are they? Dan Lawrence is the founder of My-Alarm,...

What Lead To The Financial Crisis

photo credit: net_efekt It is no surprise that we didn’t just wake up one morning to find that the country was in a recession,...