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Lip Balm That’s Simply Blamtastic

Kids love lip balm. A business started by Renee Sandler and her two daughters is banking on that theory. Inspired by an article about...

Small Bizs Party Simply: No DJs, iPods OK

With Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season weeks away, many small business owners are planning holiday parties for employees and clients despite...
the power gauge report - featured image

Perfect Your Portfolio with The Power Gauge Report

The Power Gauge Report is a monthly newsletter that offers subscribers stock picks with exceptional earning potential. In this post, we look into why a subscription to this service is important for individual investors like you.
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5 Healthy Snacks That Will Help You Rock at College

Whether you have decided to attend college because you intend to embark on a business career or you simply desire to better your lot in life, you want to give college your best shot. In this post we try to point you in the right direction by suggesting some healthy snacks to eat while you study.
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How Can You Deal with Difficult Customers?

If you own a small business you probably have several difficult people in your customer base right now. Here we delve into a brief review of several types of difficult customers. Which do you recognize? And how can you deal with such people?
Leasing Benefits

5 Equipment Leasing Benefits for Your Business

Lack of finance is one of the main reasons businesses fail. Learn how equipment leasing benefits your business financially to improve overall productivity.
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Dig into the Reviews Before You Buy a Diamond Online

Shopping for diamonds on the Internet may be the way of the future. If you're in the market for a new rock, here are six reasons why you shouldn't skip the online reviews.
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How Would You Like to Study Business in Europe?

If you've decided you want to study for an advanced business degree, your next step is to decide where to study and at which school or university. When making your choice, do not simply limit yourself to studying in America, because there is a better and far more interesting option out there.
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Tips for Transporting Heavy Objects by Hand

When it comes to lifting and moving heavy objects, we all know that we should lift with our legs instead of our backs. Additionally, the key to successfully moving heavy objects is to use your mind more than you use your muscles.
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Work at Home? Should You Buy or Rent?

If you own a home business, you might be facing the conundrum of whether it would be better for you to buy or rent your home. If so, read our article here for the pros and cons of each.
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Want to Invest in a Fast Food Franchise? Read This First

You might be thinking of investing in a fast food franchise as a way of starting your own business. However, it will behoove you to understand the franchise opportunity you're thinking of before you sign on the dotted line.
Using Instagram - featured image

Using Instagram for Fun and Profit: A Few Tips

In this article, we discuss how to use Instagram to get the most out of that platform. Hopefully, you'll gain some insights about using Instagram not only for entertainment but also for promoting your business.
kajabi feature

Kajabi: The One-Stop-Shop Platform for Your Online Course Business

Because of the multifaceted nature of running an online course business, you need to have a reliable online tool, a tool that can cater to your needs. Kajabi’s numerous features are geared toward helping you advance, organize, and streamline your online course business. Accordingly, you no longer need to sign up for various third-party apps. Kajabi has everything you need and then some.
automated culture

How to Build an Automated Culture in Your Company

Workflow automation is a relatively new practice that is taking the world of business by storm. Creating automated workflow processes can be difficult initially. However, it gets easier with time. Many companies use dedicated workflow management software to help build an automated culture for their workplace. With this in mind, here’s a complete guide to help you build an automated culture for your business.
new language

How I Started Learning a New Language in Only a Few Weeks with OptiLingo

I’m a serious Francophile, especially when it comes to French movies. Cheese, baguettes, wine? Those are all icing on the cake! Recently I convinced some friends of mine to commit to a trip to France. I was planning to take some time away from my business. And I found some great prices for plane tickets that depart in two months. However, I don’t speak French. Therefore, I wanted to learn how to speak a new language fast.
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Do You Need Commercial Truck Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is nothing short of essential in the trucking industry. However, it's important to shop around and compare policies.

Strategies for Success for Law School Students

So you’ve decided you want to go to law school? With the cost of post-secondary education on the rise and an economic downturn that may be pointing to a looming financial crisis, many law school hopefuls will need to be strategic. They'll have to both compete for coveted spots and plan ahead to ensure successful completion of the program. Whether you plan to use your law degree for starting your own practice or you're aiming for a position in an established firm, here we list some tips that could help.
motivational quotes

Motivational Quotes to Inspire New Entrepreneurs to Never Give Up

Try reading these motivational quotes once a day first thing in the morning. You'll find that when you feel inspired, your ability to take on challenges and work through obstacles will be much greater.

Inbox Zero: Manage Your Email Inbox Effectively

Many people think the term Inbox Zero means that they have nothing left in their inbox. They take it to mean that it's about removing visual clutter. However, the Inbox Zero method is definitely not about that.

How Benchmarking Can Help Your Organization Crush the Competition

Benchmarking is no savior, but it can enable businesses to have keen insight that enables them to better prepare for their futures. It’s one piece of a larger strategy to keep organizations competitive and ahead of the game.