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Designer Celerie Kemble Feels At Home Creating Rooms

The Washington Post: New York interior designer Celerie Kemble visited the Washington Design Center last week to promote her recent book, "To Your Taste: Creating...
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Powerful Strategies for Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Peer-to-peer marketing, often abbreviated P2P, is the practice of customers engaging other customers through recommendations. It is effective because when consumers are deciding to buy a product or service, 93% of them trust their friends, families, and colleagues over other influences.
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5 Ideas for Getting Leads with Email Marketing and Automation

Don’t know how to get your message out to your target audience? Here are five email marketing ideas that can help you capture lost leads.
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Qualities of a Good Appliance Repair Company

If you own a home-based business, you need all the help you can get. So instead of trying to fix broken appliances yourself, ask for help from an appliance repair company. However, don't hire just anyone who advertises expertise in fixing appliances. Here are some qualities to look for.
Office Furniture

Does Office Furniture Really Set the Tone for Your Business?

Just like how we choose the environment that surrounds us at home, the environment that surrounds us at work heavily impacts how we work and how productive we are. Office furniture is one of the easily fixed, yet commonly overlooked, facets of our workday.
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Passport Photo Maker: Start Your Own Home-Based Studio

The world is changing, but people still need new passports, visas, driver's licenses, and student ID cards. So now might be just the right time to launch your own home-based business as a passport photo maker.
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Ways to Increase Blood Flow at Home and Office

A lot of the cramps and stiffness many sedentary workers experience are the result of a lack of blood flow. In this post, we share some simple solutions that don’t require calisthenics.
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Twitch Gives You a Choice: Video Games or Singing

In recent years, Twitch has become a major outlet for young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs who use the online video streaming site to make...
World Cup

How Do the World Cup Games Affect the World of Business?

Nearly 3.5 billion people watched the World Cup games this year. In terms of revenue, one of the biggest winners, of course, was FIFA. That organization came in with a $6.5 billion win in projected revenue for the 2015-2018 cycle. The soccer club Manchester United raked in $4.1 billion. There were other big winners, too, including television broadcasters. But did your small business win or lose as a result of this year's World Cup games?
workplace stress

Some Useful Tips For Managing Your Job and Workplace Stress

Workplace stress is a normal part of modern day life. However, you don't have to allow it to overtake and ruin your life. Take control now by making use of these simple tips.
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Why Your Employees’ Physical Health Matters to Your Business

We recently covered why you should care about employee mental health. So we’re now going to cover the topic of physical health and why caring about health and safety, as well as sick days and doctor’s appointments, is important.

Testing Business Ideas: The Kickstarter Principle

If you have an idea for a business, what do you do with it? Do you sit on it and let it stew inside you? Do you plan and strategize an elaborate scheme to bring it to fruition -- and what you'll do with the proceeds?

Inventor Creates User Friendly Weightstack Machine

As an avid gym enthusiast, it didn't take long for Scott to notice that weightstack machines, some of the more popular exercise devices used,...

How to Make Your Business Memorable with Business Cards and Giveaways

You're at your favorite deli waiting patiently in line to buy a sandwich for lunch. As you approach the counter, the customer in front...

Soaps With The Handmade Touch

Their are many benefits when it comes to products that are homemade. Beyond helping to support an entrepreneur, many of the products can...

The Green Power Of Air

CNN Money: From the outside, it looks like a crash-landed blimp. On the inside, it feels like a wind tunnel. For inventor David Chelf, this...

The Beauty Of Recession-Proof Business

Burlington Free Press: “I am an independent beauty consultant who teaches women about the importance of using skin care and make up application tips,” Linda...

Healthy Little Plants… In A Glass

Most 10 year old kids would start a lemonade stand or mow lawns to make some extra money. According to My Granite Bay,...

Advice On Selling Franchises

FranchiseInfo: Interested prospects can kill you in the franchise sales business. That’s why the salesman always needs to maintain an active pipeline. It is normal...

Mompreneurs Provide Hand-Made Baby Gifts for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

PR Web: Baby Swags is a well known marketing and public relations company that specializes in celebrity gifting for work at home moms and the...