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Why Are Smart Brands Spending More on Online Promotion?

During difficult economic times, many small brands cut back on their marketing budgets to save money. Ill-advisedly, as it turns out, as this can be the exact opposite of what they need to do to survive. Smart brands, on the other hand, are turning to online promotion.
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How to Get the Best Results for Your SEO Spending

Nobody wants to spend more than they have to on getting their search engine optimization correct. But how do you get the best return on your SEO spending? Here are a few tips to help set you on the right path.

Teen Spending Trends in 2015

Piper Jaffray released its survey results, highlighting spending trends among teens in fashion, beauty and personal care, digital media, food, gaming and entertainment.

Effective Fleet Management Techniques to Cut City Spending

In lean and difficult economic conditions, cities look to reduce operating costs, including their fleet budgets. According to Networkfleet.com, effective Fleet Management techniques decrease...

Halloween Spending to Be Way Up in 2012

Although recessionary woes still weigh on consumer spending, Americans are expected to be more liberal with holiday purchases in 2012, especially for Halloween. ...

Don’t be shy on spending on security

There are some areas where you can save money. When it comes to technology, you could choose lower specs, go for an older model...

Cyber Monday, Biggest Online Spending Day In History

Comcast's just published its survey of consumer spending for the Cyber Monday that's just passed: It was the single biggest day ever for shopping...

Holiday Spending To Be ‘Highest On Record’

CNet is reporting that according to ComScore, consumers spent $9.01 billion during the first three weeks of November, representing a 13 percent gain over...

REAL or FAKE: Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real...

Joke-telling robots, expensive walking tunnels, Blackberries for smokers, and training American prostitutes to drink responsibly. What do these things have in common? They're all...

E-Commerce Spending Is Booming

AppScout reports that research company ComScore released its Q1 retail e-commerce sales estimates and found that online retail spending neared $34 billion for the...

McDonald’s Targets Asia’s Beef Eaters With 20% Spending Boost

BusinessWeek: McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant company, may boost investment in Asia by at least 20 percent this year as consumer spending recovers, moving...

Lack Of Financing, Spending Slammed Franchising In 2009

Richmond Times Dispatch: Steve Magat leaped into franchise ownership in 2009. After getting laid off in August from his job as a production manager at Capital...

Cash In On Federal Spending

Kiplinger: By now we've all heard one of the newest American complaints -- all this stimulus and bailout money, but where's mine? Like many individuals,...

Get Ready For the Government Spending Spree

The Wall Street Journal: Ready, set…..go win that federal contract. The government is expected to spend monstrous sums in coming months, based on the Senate and...
buy and sell real estate

How the Way We Buy and Sell Real Estate Is Changing

Luckily, the way we buy and sell real estate is changing. Thanks to new technological advancements and bold thought leaders, real estate transactions are easier, more transparent, and frankly more fun than they’ve ever been.
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Employee Retention: Why You Should Care and How to Improve It

Employee retention is more important than you might think. The inability to retain employees can spell disaster for your business. What’s more, the chances of your top talent choosing to leave or being pooched right out of your business are higher than ever before.
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5 Tips for Entertaining Clients: How to Wow Them

If you own a business or work in sales, entertaining clients comes with the territory. But if it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past, it probably makes you nervous. So are there ways to make it a more accessible and rewarding experience?
market landscape

How Your Business Can Thrive in the Evolving Market Landscape

Today, businesses race to meet customers' pent-up demand in the evolving market environment while also keeping up with the competition. Flexibility and creativity are primary tools to outdo many of your peers. This article will provide some tips to strengthen your market positioning.
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How to Use Productivity Software to Improve Your Workflow

In the simplest terms, productivity software is a type of software that will help you be more productive. Read this post to learn more about productivity software and how to use it for better results.
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Virtual Card Providers: Taking a Good Look

These days, with the introduction of various types of credit cards, it has become easy for cardholders to make purchases. Another type of card is called a virtual card, which can be either a credit card or a debit card. In this article, let's look at these types of cards.