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150+ Hours of Great Movies for Entrepreneurs

Warning: don't try to watch all these movies in one sitting, but if you must: make some popcorn, turn down the lights and put...

Books Turning To Movie Trailers to Sell More

LA Times: In a sewer beneath Las Vegas, a lethal vixen named Abigail is locked in a mortal struggle an outlaw cowboy with...

Movie Inventions We Wish Were Real

What movie inventions do you wish were real? Here are two recently shared by Flavorwire. Time-traveling DeLorean Everyone’s favorite inventor, Doc Brown, didn’t hurt his...

Spotlight On Lia Sophia

KSBI TV recently covered the story of a Lia Sophia rep, and her reasons for entering the business.
SEO Tips

9 Great SEO Tips for Your Small Business

Effective SEO strategy will help increase traffic to your site. This is absolutely necessary if you own a online business. Here are nine SEO tips your small business needs to implement today.
video streaming - featured image

Video Streaming Services Are Poised to Proliferate in 2021

The video streaming industry is rapidly changing, and streaming fans around the world now have more options than ever to choose from. In short, the streaming industry's future is bright.
financial stress - featured image

Handle Financial Stress with These Brilliant Tips

In this post, we take a look at a few pointers on dealing with financial hardship and the stress that can go along with it. These are some simple tips to get you out of a tight spot, as well as some key ways of dealing with the mindset of struggling financially.
Ensenada - featured image

Ensenada: Your Relaxing Getaway in Baja California

Has running your business over the holidays left you feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted? Maybe what you need is a sunny and relaxing weekend getaway. Do we ever have the spot for you! Ensenada, Mexico, the city seat of Baja California, has it all.
office boredom

7 Unconventional and Inventive Ways to Beat Office Boredom

Anyone who believes the old maxim that “only boring people get bored” has never spent an afternoon proofreading the cells of an Excel spreadsheet. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of us will experience office boredom at some point. However, try to look beyond using social media and industrial amounts of caffeine to break up the tedium of office life. Loanable invites you to consider seven unorthodox ways to distract you from the slow march of the clock in the corner of your computer screen.

Fish Farming: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

How do we make fish farming appetizing, and more in today's Business Ideas in the News.

Mis-Sold PPI and Ways of Claiming It

It's not easy to answer if you have a mis-sold PPI especially if you want to re-claim it. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently...

Apples and Tapeworms: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

Two great ideas that don't go well together are the focus of today's Business Ideas in the News. Don't worry, it's mostly safe for the squeamish.

Google Cars and Strange Food: Today’s Business Ideas in the News

What does an Icelandic brewery have to do with Google's self driving cars? They're both in today's Business Ideas in the News.

20 Ways To Make Money With Drones

Here are 20 ways that drones can be used by video entrepreneurs to disrupt and dominate virtually untapped markets booming with potential.

Oyster Farming is Big in Today’s Business Ideas in the News

What do oyster farming and chocolate have in common? They both appear in today's Business Ideas in the News

Chopsticks: Made in USA

Nearly everything today is “Made in China”; nearly everything that is, except for two million chopsticks that are made each day in Americus, Georgia...

Biz Idea: Ninjas To Silence Mobile Talkers

Geeklogie: The Prince Charles cinema in London has recently started employing "ninjas" in black bodysuits to confront people using their cell phones or participating in...

Concierge Medicine

In the video below is a PBS News Hour segment above on “concierge medicine,” Texas doctor Raymond Solis who recently converted his...

Chicken Soup + Nursing

When a child is too sick to go to day care or school, working parents often have little choice but to stay home and...

“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” Selling Briskly After Thatcher’s Death

People are continuing to profit from Margaret Thatcher's death after her passing earlier this week. According to the Independent, her death could drive...