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5 Things to Know About Outsourcing Web Development

Some companies have success with doing web development internally, but most turn to third-party web development specialists in order to ensure great results. Here are five points to consider about outsourcing web development work.
Website Accessible

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Accessible

Website accessible features ensure those with disabilities can easily maneuver your website. In this guide, you’ll learn about website accessibility and how to make your site compliant. 
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Hire Professionals to Localize Your Multilingual Website

So you’ve decided to target international audiences. And now you're ready to switch from a monolingual to a multilingual website. Congratulations! This is a decision that can influence your bottom line significantly.
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Web Design Fundamentals for Online Gaming Sites

Web design is critical for online gaming sites. Land-based casinos are designed to be festive. The mood and ambience are critical for attracting players and enticing them stay. But how do you do this for an online gaming site? In this post, we review the fundamentals of web design for online casinos.
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Make Your Website ADA Compliant with accessiBe

With a subscription to accessiBe, you will bring your site into full compliance with ADA regulations and thus avoid lawsuits. Also, your site will be more accessible to people with disabilities, establishing your brand as a company that cares.
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How to Pass Strict Quality Standards and Get Your Guest Post Approved

Guest posting has become an integral part of effective marketing strategies in recent years. However, getting a guest post approved doesn’t come easy. It is not enough to make your content SEO-friendly and write with impeccable grammar. How do you make sure your guest post doesn’t end up in the graveyard of failed pitches? Here are the seven crucial elements you need to include to give your guest post the best chance of approval.
financial web apps

Financial Web Apps: The 4 Main Challenges of Functional Testing

Today, 63% of Americans use financial web apps to check their balance or carry out a transaction. This prominence of financial web apps can be used to offer superior customer service. Moreover, these apps boost engagement and loyalty. Developing a financial web app, however, comes with specific challenges that must be adequately addressed. Therefore, functional testing of financial web apps is integral to the delivery of a quality product.

Multilingual Website: Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Should you publish multilingual versions of your website, or offer other multi-language options? Once upon a time, these were options that only large companies considered or those who were breaking ground in foreign lands. Now, there are compelling reasons to have a multilingual website, whatever the size of your business or where you operate.
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How to Pick the Best Web Hosting Site for Your Business

You can’t just throw up any type of website and expect positive results. Therefore, you need the best web hosting site you can find.

Website Vulnerabilities: Don’t Let Them Slow Your Business Down

Internet safety is more important now than ever. And if you want to keep your business running smoothly, you'll take note of recent discoveries about major website vulnerabilities. And what are these website vulnerabilities? They are serious flaws in some of the world’s most popular software, including Intel and Google Chrome. Dubbed "Meltdown" and "Spectre," these flaws could potentially be extremely damaging. That's because, by exploiting them hackers can steal data and sensitive information from both individuals and businesses. In this article we look into these website vulnerabilities so that you can take steps to reduce your risks.
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6 Web Design Tools You Can Use in Your Business

Technology gives anyone who has a bit of artistic vision the ability to do web design. Here are six web design tools you can use for your business. These tools will take the hassle out of your website design and add value to your site.

Grab the Lists of Top Web Directories in the Web

The year 2014 is almost gone, only 2 months left, it is the ideal time to write down some of the top notch web...

Webcam Monitors People’s Vital Signs

Standard.co.uk:‎ New technology that could revolutionise the way doctors measure patients’ vital signs has attracted a £500,000 investment from intellectual property firm IP Group. The device,...

Advice for modern businesses – How to build your own website

For modern businesses of all sizes, having a website is becoming as essential as having a phone number. Looked at from another perspective, the...

Bridgeline Digital Releases Web Experience Platform For Franchise Networks

CMSWire: Web engagement/interactive technology vendor Bridgeline Digital is releasing a new website management suite aimed specifically at large franchise networks and multiple dealer organizations. Called...

How to Use the Web to Tap Into International Markets

The following is a guest post by Christian Arno. Running a small business is tough. For some, the thought of selling abroad is even more...

Webpreneur Aims To Boost Local Economy With Search Engine

While watching his father struggle to find affordable and effective advertising Clifton Cooper was inspired. He went to work and created a localized...

Biz Resource: Onyaka

SmashingApps: Onyaka is an online staff time planning software service that takes all the pain out of staff scheduling. Onyaka provides you with easy to...
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Dogecoin: A Closer Look at Its Massive Potential

People everywhere are beginning to take note of cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin and ether these days. For example, Dogecoin (DOGE) is also making waves in the crypto market. As its popularity has grown, its value has also spiked, making it more appealing to investors all around the world.
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5 Reasons Nailing Your Market Demographic Is Key

When you’re starting your first small business as an entrepreneur, one crucial aspect of success is identifying the market demographic for your niche. And the more specific you can be, the better.