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New COVID-19 Variant Sparks Brand New Supply Chain Concerns

Thanks to the latest COVID-19 variant, new worries about already-crippling supply chain issues have businesses big and small scrambling. What will this mean for your business?
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How the Supply Chain Affects Business Success

Whatever its size or age, if you want to ensure that your business is thriving in the future, the supply chain should be at the very center of management attention.

Overproduction and the Supply Chain: Why Management Matters

It might surprise you to know that overproduction can be far more harmful to your company's bottom line than you might have imagined. But first, there are 7 points in manufacturing at which wasteful practices can occur, and you'll need to get these under control. Someone with a business management certification can be invaluable in reining in all of these deficiencies. Once you have controlled for these waste points, you can seek out another danger—overproduction—that lurks behind them.

Supply Chain Management for the Little Guy

The following post is made possible by support from UPS. A reader wrote: What is supply chain management? Ok, that seems like a really strange...

Earthquake Disrupts Supply Chains!

Wow! It is almost difficult to believe that supply chains are so short that an earthquake in Japan would stop production of a...

Wines Of The World, The Weakest Link In The Supply Chain, Financing Your Franchise

Food and Drink Digital: Food & Drink Digital is releasing the latest issue of its online magazine, it is chock full of the latest and...

Waitrose Kicks Off Supply Chain Review

Procurement Leaders News: Waitrose has initiated a root and branch business review that will focus on its supply chain, it has been revealed. Managing director Mark...

Supply Chain Software Aids Quality And Safety

Chain Leader: "Eat Fresh" is its slogan, and the supply chain takes it seriously. Subway uses its Internet-based supply-management system to not only bring product...

Supply Chain Fruitful For Yarra Valley Farms

FreshPlaza: A TOMATO "is not simply a tomato", says Bill Kollatos, managing director and founder of Yarra Valley Farms. Claiming to be one of Victoria's...
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Blockchain Technology and the Future of eCommerce

Some ecommerce platforms, including large organizations such as eBay and Amazon, are beginning to allow the use of digital currencies on their platforms. Today, we look at the blockchain technology that lies behind these currencies and speculate as to how it could shape the future of ecommerce.

Love Burritos? Win A Year’s Supply At Mad Mex

Franchising.net.au: Valentine's Day takes on a spicy flavour at Mad Mex this year with the Mexican grill franchise network giving its burrito-loving customers the chance...

Dunkin’ Brands, Franchisee Group Sign Supply Deal

The Boston Globe: Dunkin’ Brands Group has signed a long-term deal that makes a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee-owned cooperative the exclusive supply chain provider for all...

Fast Food Chain Reduces Carbon Footprint

4ni.co.uk: One of the world's most recognisable brands has reduced its carbon footprint in Northern Ireland by signing up for renewable power supply with Airtricity....

ZIPS Dry Cleaning Franchise Continues Aggressive Expansion Partners With Fergusson Mckenna Supply

FranchiseWorks.com: ZIPS, an aggressively expanding dry cleaning franchise chain with more than 26 locations on the East Coast, recently announced a new partnership with Fergusson...

ZIPS Dry Cleaners Partners With Phenix Supply

24-7pressrelease.com: Greenbelt, MD âEUR" ZIPS, an aggressively expanding dry cleaning franchise chain with 26 locations on the East Coast, recently announced a new partnership with...

Robotic Process Automation: Your Business’s Next Step?

Robotic process automation, or RPA, consists of software that is used to perform routine tasks which follow a definite set of rules. RPA can process transactions, manipulate data, and trigger responses. It can be particularly useful in the areas of finance, accounting, supply chain management, customer service, and human resources. In short, if you run a business that is dependent upon the continual execution of repetitive tasks, you may be able to turn to RPA to make your life easier.
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How Your Business Can Thrive in the Evolving Market Landscape

Today, businesses race to meet customers' pent-up demand in the evolving market environment while also keeping up with the competition. Flexibility and creativity are primary tools to outdo many of your peers. This article will provide some tips to strengthen your market positioning.
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David Malcolm Understands What Makes a Successful Company

David Malcom, San Diego entrepreneur, understands what makes a successful company. Good companies establish themselves with foundational building blocks that create a mission, vision, and quality culture within the organization.
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How Small Businesses Are Preparing to Cope with Rising Inflation

Since inflation is an unstoppable force, small businesses must learn how to navigate the issue when it arises. This is why we connected with a few small business experts to find out how they are preparing to cope with rising inflation.
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Business Intelligence and Financial Analytics: Are They the Same?

To get the most out of your business software strategy you need to incorporate both business intelligence and financial analytics. Read the article here to gain further understanding of both of these principles.