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How to Set Your Business Up for Post-Pandemic Success

Planning for the future of your business was never easy, but it is even more challenging in our post-pandemic world. Read on for some helpful suggestions.
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3 Ideas to Make Vacant Land Work for You

With city-center land at a premium, vacant land could be a veritable goldmine if put to good use. Of course, much depends on where the land is located and the resources that may already be present, but there are multiple ways you can profit from unused land.

Help Desk Support: How to Offer Just the Right Level

One of the biggest challenges you could face as a business owner is providing the right level of help desk support. Having too few help desk members could reduce your organization’s profitability and efficiency, while too many will drive up your business’s costs. To achieve the best level of help desk support, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider, and we discuss those things here.

Realizing Profits And Missions

photo credit: ( Torsten ) When you first set out with your new business you have dreams to do great things, make people happy,...