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Marketing Research: The Key to Business Survival

For businesses large and small, the key to survival in today’s competitive environment is to be aware of changes in the world and in the economy. This is why online marketing research is so important. In this article, we explore this topic further.

How To Ensure Your Startup’s Survival

You are just getting started with the plans to build your business into the next big thing. The enthusiasm with which every startup commences is palpable. Every founder has a solution they plan to offer the world to fix a want or a need somewhere. With that said, it is important to note the statistics on startups can be bleak. Statistics report as many as 90 percent of them failing in their first year of operation. With numbers like that, it is critical you have a great business plan, marketing strategy and adequate cash so that your business will be one that thrives and soars!

Niche Biz: Tsunami Survival Pod

Autopia: A houseboat builder from Melbourne, Australia, has created a submersible pod that he says can help save its occupants from the forces...

Creating Conditions For Small Business Survival

We need new businesses to survive if we want to create more jobs in this country. The Huffington Post has created a list...

Siberian Company Selling End-Of-The-World Survival Kits

RT: It might not keep you alive for long, but a Siberian firm is offering survival kits to anyone who fears the end...

Shark Tank Survival Guide

If you want to get on the show Shark Tank, and make a deal with the Shark's, this excellent guide from Shopify will really...

Year-End Survival Tips For Entrepreneurs

Rosalind Resnick over at The Wall Street Journal has these year-end survival strategies to get you through January 2011. 1. Retool your business plan. The...

Niche: Survivalism Means Business

PROFIT Magazine: The previous decade saw its share of disasters and near misses: Y2K, 9/11, the South Asian tsunami, the Northeast Blackout of 2003,...

Seven Solopreneur Survival Tips

Inc.: Many solopreneurs feel the tug between personal obligations and their business. The question appears to be, how do we divide our time, become more...

Crisis Spurs Spike In ‘Suburban Survivalists’

Associated Press: Six months ago, Jim Wiseman didn't even have a spare nutrition bar in his kitchen cabinet. Now, the 54-year-old businessman and father of five...

Technology Can Play Role In Franchise Survival, Re-Emergence

IFA: Technology can play a key role in helping franchises survive and be better prepared for future growth once the economy begins its recovery, according...

MarketingSage Unveils The CMO’s Recession Survival Guide

Franchising.com: MarketingSage® Corp., a provider of integrated marketing services, today announced the availability of The CMO's Recession Survival Guide. The guide highlights the external and...

Five Survival Tips For Entrepreneurs

smSmallBusiness.com: What do you do when sales are down and your credit's been slashed? You rethink your business. Because of the ongoing credit crisis, banks...
How to Expand Your Business Reach

How to Expand Your Business Reach

Now more than ever, you have to find a way to expand your business reach and grow your customer base. Let's discuss the ways you can transform your business so your competitors don’t pass you by.
Is It Technology or Money That Makes the World Go Round?

Technology or Money: Which One Makes the World Go Round?

It’s a common saying that money makes the world go round. But does this statement hold true for all facets of the technological landscape? We look at the benefits of technology in society that require no monetary investment.
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Water Filter Buying Guide

We already know just how vital water is for our health. But just how clean is the water you are consuming? Even more importantly, should you purchase a water filter for your home or place of business?
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David Malcolm Understands What Makes a Successful Company

David Malcom, San Diego entrepreneur, understands what makes a successful company. Good companies establish themselves with foundational building blocks that create a mission, vision, and quality culture within the organization.
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Florida Solar: What Are the Advantages of Solar in 2022?

According to the SEIA, the cost of solar panels in Florida has plummeted by 5% in the last five years. So now is a better time than ever before to go solar with your home or business.
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Safety Measures for a Construction Business

Health and safety measures are crucial to running any business. From having a fire evacuation plan to training staff in first aid, there are plenty of things all employers should be doing to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Here we investigate these issues.
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Importance of Data Visualization Tools for Businesses

Data visualization is a key element of data analysis. It is the graphical representation of data through visual elements. For businesses, data visualization can be a helpful tool to drive growth. Read on and discover how it can help you understand trends and patterns in data.