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real-time transcription

Real-Time Transcription: Uses and Technology

With increasing attention on accessibility for video and audio content, real-time transcription is becoming prevalent in much broader contexts. Learn how.
office productivity - featured image

Improve Office Productivity with Better Technology

Business owners and managers everywhere are almost obsessively concerned with how to improve office productivity. Moreover, it seems that technology and office productivity go hand-in-hand. Here’s a rundown about why that is.
information technology - featured image

Information Technology Is Essential to Business Success

In boardrooms across the world, heated debates about information technology, or IT, waste time and lead to poor decision-making. One of the best ways to defuse these controversies is to invite an expert into the conversation.
increase productivity with technology

Increase Productivity with Technology Tools

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, but aren't making use of technology to support your employees, get busy incorporating tech today!
graphene - featured image

Graphene Nanotechnology: A Highly Effective Solution

Graphene nanotechnology can be used as an incredibly intelligent and effective coolant across a range of industries. However, is it the most effective solution on the market? In this post, find out how it stacks up against the current market-leading solutions.
hospitality industry

Technology Is Changing the Hospitality Industry

New technologies are bringing change to the hospitality industry. In this article we look at some of the ways the hospitality industry is enjoying the benefits of these technologies.

10 Benefits of Using VoIP Technology for Business

Most businesses need a reliable call service for everyday communication. However, traditional phone systems are quite expensive. But did you know there is an option available nowadays? It's called VoIP technology.
new technology

Does Your Business Need New Technology?

Investing in new technology can be daunting for the average small business. The expense is a concern, of course. Additionally, it takes time to bring the business itself, as well as all staff members, up to speed with any new program. However, if you don’t keep up with the world as it changes, your business could suffer. But how, exactly, do you know when you need new technology? Here are a few signs that can tip you off.
blockchain technology

What Is Blockchain Technology and What Is It Good For?

The banking industry has shown interest in investing in blockchain technology. Additionally, experts predict that this technology will soon play an important role in industries such as cyber security, healthcare, manufacturing, and others.
cloud technology

Why Every Business—Including Yours—Needs Cloud Technology

In only a few short years, cloud technology has grown from being a relatively new innovation to something that affects almost everyone. As a matter of fact, we have come to depend upon it in our personal and professional lives. Nearly all businesses today utilize some form of cloud technology. If you haven't yet joined everyone else up in the cloud, isn't it about time you did?
healthcare technology

The Seven Top Healthcare Technology Innovations of 2018

The year 2018 has seen a lot of advancements in the field of healthcare technology. These serve as a basis for multiple innovations and inventions. What's more, many of these advancements could change the face of healthcare. We share here a list of some of the many recent technical innovations in the field of healthcare technology.

New Technology at the Salon: The Digital Appointment Book

Most salon and spa owners run their salons with a handy appointment book. This they fill with booked visits, client contact information, and daily revenue. However, as your business expands, more clients will come for your services. In time, that paper appointment book you rely on won't be able to handle everything you need to capture in it. What should you do? The solution is simple. Turn to a handy and stylish electronic appointment book.

How Technology Is Changing the Future of Healthcare

Nobody can expect technology to grow as rapidly as it has without affecting our world for the better. Neither can anybody deny that the Internet of Things is making our lives easier. Luckily, technology’s growth is expanding to the healthcare industry. Let's take a look at some of the ways this is happening.

Business and Technology Ideas for Cities of the Future

Cities are increasingly preparing for the future now that there are innovators stepping up to fill the need. City planners and designers, in partnership with tech companies, are looking to make their urban areas smarter, more sustainable, and more efficient. The Consumer Technology Association estimates that the market for urban technology will reach $34.4 billion annually by 2020. Each innovative victory provides a blueprint for other cities around the world to manage growth in the coming years.
incorporating technology

Incorporating Technology: How It Can Help Your Business to Soar

Over the years, more and more business owners have decided that incorporating technology into their business practices and strategies is a good idea. What's more, they’ve managed to do with great success. In fact, technology has proven to be enormously beneficial for modern businesses. Regardless of the specific niche you’re in, you can pretty much guarantee that incorporating technology will enhance your business. In this guide, we offer insights into technological advancements that can empower your business and bring you better results.
business operations

How to Improve Your Business Operations with Technology

Ask yourself, “How can my business operations benefit from technology?” Many businesses have been profitable for decades without ever integrating technology into their day-to-day business operations. However, businesses who fail to adapt to modern technology are slowly fading into the background. Just look at how quickly Uber overtook the taxi industry. It may be time for you to consider integrating innovative technology into your business, if you haven't done so already. Here we discuss several types of technology that can benefit almost any type of business, whether it’s small or large.

How Has Technology Changed the Way SMEs Operate?

Technology has completely changed the workplace in the past 30 years. Who would have guessed back then we'd have things like cloud storage, hackers, teleconferencing, live chat and social media to contend with. Things are changing fast and the only certain thing is that we need to get on board so our businesses won't be left behind.

Help Your Team Flourish with Microsoft Technology

Help Your Team Flourish with Microsoft Technology Office technology is something that is always evolving and developing into something that was only ever once imagined....

Technology Tools To Take Your Freelance Business To The Next Level

Here is a nice guest post that discusses the technology a start up or existing free lance company can use to really grow their business. Gone are the days when you need to spend a ton of dough to open a business. Today, you can begin your personal training or dog walking business over night - with very little cash. Read on...

Small Business Budgets: How To Save Big Bucks on the Best Technology

In any small business, one major budget concern is always operating costs. While operating costs include rent, salaries, utilities, etc., but today, a significant portion can come from using technological based systems. There is so much to consider when starting a small business, it is important to consider what the best solutions are for your company.