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Forex investing - featured image

Forex Investing: An Overview of the Top Online Courses

Have you become intrigued with the notion of Forex trading because of everything you have read about it online? Before you jump in, look into taking an online Forex investing course. In this post, we examine some of the best of them.
online business reviews

Online Business Reviews: Why They Are so Important for Your Business

Long before modern advertising, businesses relied heavily on their customers to tell others about their products and services. Today, online business reviews blend word-of-mouth marketing with digital marketing. That is, they encourage customers to share their thoughts about your business with millions of strangers around the world. While this may seem nerve-racking, online business reviews are important. Here's why.
Business Tips

10 Expert Business Tips to Take You to the Next Level

Are you having difficulty moving to the next level with your business? Well, luckily we have gathered a few expert business tips that will help you scale your business and surpass your hurdles efficiently. 
Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum

The world of cryptocurrency is currently in an interesting period. This article is a guide to how Ethereum differs from other cryptocurrencies.
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Why Agents Choose Dorrmat for Seller Lead Generation

Dorrmat is a market leader when it comes to providing high-quality real estate leads to its registered agents. In this post we cover the benefits offered by the Dorrmat platform.
pre-employment tests

Avoid Hiring Mistakes: 4 Pre-Employment Tests That Can Help

Relying solely on traditional hiring tools such as resumes, cover letters, and interviews can lead to expensive hiring mistakes. But the four pre-employment tests described here can help.
Lightning Network

What Is a Lightning Network and How Does It Work?

The lightning network is a "layer 2" payment innovation that is above the Bitcoin blockchain. Transactions in lightning network systems are quicker, cheaper, and easier to validate than those carried out directly on the bitcoin blockchain.
Financial Market

Financial Market Investing Opportunities: 5 Tips to Consider

With rising economic uncertainties, everyone is trying to expand their income. If you can’t devote a lot of time to startups, consider investing in financial markets like real estate, the stock market, or even foreign exchange markets.
data analytics - featured image

10 Frequently Asked Data Analytics Interview Questions

Whether you're applying for a position as a data analyst or you're a hiring manager for one of these positions, this post is written with you in mind. Here we offer up ten questions that are frequently asked during a data analytics interview, providing insights on each one.
COVID-19 Storm

3 Types of Business Riding the COVID-19 Storm

Hopefully, many businesses will find innovative ways to resurrect themselves once the coronavirus pandemic has passed. Meanwhile, we take a look at three types of business that are riding the waves of the COVID-19 storm.

Don’t Let These Insurance Myths Keep You from Protecting Your Family

As the owner of a small business, many responsibilities fall heavily on your shoulders. Among them is the duty you have to protect your family. Don't let the insurance myths we discuss here keep you from purchasing adequate coverage for you and your family.
affiliate marketing

Diligent Creatives Can Achieve an Excellent Income with Affiliate Marketing

Are you creative, talented, and hardworking? Would you like to turn your website or blog into a reliable engine for passive income? You can do exactly that with affiliate marketing.

Franchisee Finds Mr. Handyman Business Model a Perfect Fit

We recently spoke with Kevin Crysler, owner of Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel & NE PG, about what it takes to open a franchise.

Cirque Salon Studios Cuts the Competition

Each Cirque Salon Studios is a collection of 25 to 30 suites where health, beauty and wellness professionals independently cater to their clients in a unique and customized environment.

DDoS attacks for dummies – a primer on what you need to know to...

We're aware the headline says "dummies", but it's essential you know we don't mean it. There are just some topics some of us are...

How Businesses Have Changed Over The Last Decade

The 2000s have seen a lot of change in the world. The computer boom of the 1990s fueled new innovations in social media, communications,...

Why Small Businesses and Big Companies Need Digital Marketing

Digitalization is the name of the game nowadays. Every small - as well as big business house - is coming forward to adopt digitalized...

E-Franchisee: The Next Trend In E-Commerce

Times of India: Going online seems to be the mantra for branded jewellers in India. Though nascent - only 10% of branded jewellery sales happen...

October Sales for California Small Businesses Rebound

More of California’s small and mid-sized businesses were sold last month than in any month for the year, with 1,384 completed transactions. The total...

Franchisees Settling Old Scores

Mail & Guardian Online: When Mandla Sibeko opened a Pick n Pay store in Kliptown, Soweto, in 2008, it was a defining moment for both...