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Largest BK Franchisee Not Participating In Lawsuit

QSR Web: While a number of Burger King franchisees have joined a class action suit against the company over the chain's $1 Double Cheeseburger promotion,...

What to Do If Your Company Car Is Involved in an Accident

If your company requires a car or a fleet of cars in order to conduct its business, sooner or later one of your company’s vehicles could be involved in an automobile accident. What should you do when this happens? The information you’ll find here will provide some guidance for you.
opening your own restaurant - featured image

Opening Your Own Restaurant? 5 Things to Know First

If you love cooking and consider yourself a cut above the average home chef, chances are you’ve thought about opening your own restaurant. Knowing what you’re getting into from the very beginning can help you make your business a success.
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Compensation You Can Claim After a Car Accident

If you or one of your employees have been in a car accident you might be wondering about the compensation you can claim for any injuries. In this article, we address these questions.
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How Data Modeling Has Improved the Auto Industry

Less than a decade ago, big data analytics was only a concept. Now it has become an integral part of doing business. A look at how data modeling has improved the auto industry can give other businesses ideas for capitalizing on analytics.
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Achieve ADA Compliance on Your Real Estate Site with accessiBe

In this guide, we cover what the ADA is all about and why you need to start using a web accessibility solution like accessiBe.
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3 Ideas to Make Vacant Land Work for You

With city-center land at a premium, vacant land could be a veritable goldmine if put to good use. Of course, much depends on where the land is located and the resources that may already be present, but there are multiple ways you can profit from unused land.

Fraud: Protect Your Business from Criminal Activity

Being a victim of business fraud can be demoralizing, but there are professionals who can help you protect the business you have worked so hard for.
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When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

People don’t always realize they’re eligible to make a personal injury claim following an accident. If you’ve sustained an injury that wasn’t your fault, it’s worth seeking legal advice.
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Ecommerce Security: 10 Tips for Your Online Store

Ecommerce has changed the way consumers shop. No longer does the traditional brick-and-mortar store reign supreme. Instead, online stores, by offering shopping convenience all day and all night every single day of the year, lure customers to their sites from all over the world. And as ecommerce sales continue to swell, the necessity of better ecommerce security grows more urgent.
marketing CBD

Marketing CBD Products For Greatest Impact

Marketing CBD products doesn't have to be difficult, but it does require planning and a diverse strategy. Consider these tips to success.
investment opportunities

5 Potentially Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Knowing how to invest in a business can be a daunting task. Starting out, it can be difficult to figure out what businesses are even worth your time, money, and commitment. However, considering some current trends and industries on the rise, these are a few investment areas worth considering for the near future.
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Affiliate Marketing and Online Casinos

What do casinos rely on if their government doesn’t allow digital marketing? Affiliate marketers, that’s who. Read the article here to find out more.
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SMS Marketing: Staying Compliant

If done right, text message marketing is a simple way to boost open rates and increase sales. But if you cut corners, it will come back to burn you in the end. Here's a brief guide to staying in compliance with your SMS marketing efforts.
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Want to Invest in a Fast Food Franchise? Read This First

You might be thinking of investing in a fast food franchise as a way of starting your own business. However, it will behoove you to understand the franchise opportunity you're thinking of before you sign on the dotted line.
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Escape Room: Is This the Right Business for You?

You have 60 minutes to complete the puzzle, solve the mystery, and escape the room ... go! An escape room is intense, exciting, and a whole lot of fun! Do you have what it takes to start your own escape room business? Read here to find out.
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What to Do After a Car Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, you have undoubtedly had to deal with multiple doctor’s appointments, lots of bills and plenty of hours missed from running your business. Here's what to do, especially if the car accident was not your fault.
employees who drive

4 Ways to Reduce Your Liability for Employees Who Drive for Their Job

As a business owner, you’re legally responsible for motor vehicle accidents caused by your employees who drive, when they’re driving as a requirement for work. What's more, it's not just truck drivers or delivery drivers. This also applies to employees running a quick errand to pick up some pens at the store. While you can’t guarantee your employees who drive won’t be involved in a crash, there are proactive steps you can take to reduce the chances.

Rideshare Drivers Share Information in Online Networks

Ever since the advent of Uber and Lyft, rideshare drivers have been complaining about employment issues. This was partially due to marketing by Uber and Lyft that exaggerated the incomes drivers could expect to make. Add to this the facts that drivers are self-employed and that calculations for drivers' expenses were complex and difficult to understand, and you have some pretty disgruntled drivers. On the other hand, when rideshare drivers find a way to share a few driving tips and share stories from everyday experience, you have a great algorithm for creating a helpful information network. This is exactly what happened when hundreds of blogs, vlogs, forums, and groups started to appear online and created a dialogue among themselves that's also open to the public.

What’s it Really Like to Own a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise?

I am a former owner of a Creamery franchise. I had never owned a franchise before and I did not do the proper amount of due diligence or ask the right questions. I paid dearly for those mistakes. Please read my story here as I had a true franchise nightmare.