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Cash Strapped Entrepreneurs Get Creative

BBC News: Got a great business idea but no money to finance it? It's the age old problem faced by would-be entrepreneurs. But a new...

Cash Strapped Americans Are Unpacking Their Avon Lady Suits

NJ.com: Armies of new Avon ladies, Mary Kay reps and Tupperware sellers are advancing on living rooms across the country, their ranks full of professionals...
How to Secure Funding for Your Next Software Development Project

How to Secure Funding for Your Software Development Project

Fortunately, there is a wide range of capital sources you can tap into for the support and assistance you need for getting your software development project up and running. Read here to find out more.
Business Tips

10 Expert Business Tips to Take You to the Next Level

Are you having difficulty moving to the next level with your business? Well, luckily we have gathered a few expert business tips that will help you scale your business and surpass your hurdles efficiently. 
Common Reasons Employees Seek Restitution

Common Reasons People Seek Restitution from Their Employers

Workplace mistreatment is hardly uncommon in the US. However, the fact that this type of behavior is widespread doesn’t make it any less unacceptable. In this post we list some common reasons workers seek restitution from their employers.
How to Start and Run a Lawn Care Business

How to Start and Run a Lawn Care Business

Running a lawn care business is an excellent way to earn extra cash. It can allow you to add another income stream to your current business. There are so many benefits associated with starting up a lawn care business that you should seriously consider it.
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5 Best One-Hour Cash Loans with No Credit Check

Having a bad credit score will most often dwindle your chances of qualifying for loans with most traditional financial organizations. However, you may try to get a loan on any payday loan platform that works with lenders who are not concerned about your credit history. Let's take a look.
consumer virtual reality - featured image

A Brief History of Consumer Virtual Reality

We take a brief look back at how consumer virtual reality has evolved from cumbersome cinematic machines to the small head-mounted displays we revel in today.
lawn care - featured image

Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Lawn

Attract more walk-in customers to your business by maintaining a beautiful commercial lawn. Follow the lawn care suggestions here to ensure your commercial lawn remains attractive all year.
toxic marriage - featured image

Exit Strategy: Escaping a Toxic Marriage

Escaping a toxic marriage can be awful, especially when you're trying to run a business. But it is important for you to know that leaving a toxic marriage is possible and you can be happy again. To help you understand your options, here are five tips to help you escape a toxic marriage.
lift tables - featured image

Boost Workplace Safety with Customized Lift Tables

There are safety features that aren’t inherent in most lift tables. Here are some of the top safety features you should consider asking your manufacturer for. This will create a safer working environment for your employees.
financial fitness - featured image

Financial Fitness: 5 Tips for Women

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels Does your house have a "property for sale" board outside because you couldn’t plan...
landlords - featured image

UK Landlords Remain Upbeat About Property Market

In future decades, it will be interesting to see how history books describe Brexit. For now, however, the mood of most people in the UK is probably best summed up in the World War II motto, “Keep calm and carry on.” That certainly seems to be the philosophy of the UK’s landlords. They appear to be staying upbeat and taking Brexit in stride.
commercial roofing maintenance

Avoid Costly Repairs with Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Roof maintenance is generally not a top priority for most small business owners. This can even be the case if they own the building that houses their business. However, waiting until a serious problem or leak happens can end up being more costly than routine maintenance. Therefore, it's always better to find and fix problems while they are still small. On the other hand, minor problems are not so easy to recognize. Therefore, regular commercial roofing maintenance is essential.
limited budget

Make the Most of Your Small Business—Even on a Limited Budget

Most owners of new small businesses start out with a limited budget. Is this true for you? If this is so for you, don't lose heart. Despite the fact that you might be strapped for cash, you don't have to let your limited budget dictate your eventual overall success. You can still find ways to promote your business and help it to grow. Here, we take a good look at how you can make the most of your small business, even on a limited budget.

Prevent Data Breaches Without Blowing Your Budget

Warding off data breaches in your small business will involve some spending. But there are measures you can take that will greatly increase your defenses. Let's take a closer look at some further strategies here.

7 Things That Could Stop You from Starting a Business

In Western society, we tend to glamorize entrepreneurship. Starting a business is seen as an expression of individuality (not to mention introducing the world to something beneficial, like a new product or service). Many believe it's a path to building wealth, which everyone wants. If entrepreneurship is truly a pinnacle of success, why don't more people take the plunge? What's stopping them from doing so?

How to Start a Successful Business for Under $1,000 in 7 Easy Steps

We’re here to help you start a successful business for under $1,000 in 7 easy steps.

E-Learning – Is it right for your business?

Employee training is always a debatable subject; employees insist that it's a crucial requirement, while employers are reluctant due to the cost and time...

Business Ideas in the News: How Drones Are Changing Business

How drones are poised to change the construction industry, Vietnamese coffee, and twerking.