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Business Software

How to Troubleshoot Issues with Your Business Software

Business software can make your daily operations more streamlined, efficient, and productive. However, in order for business software to continue being a major asset, it’s vital that you maintain your systems and fix any issues that arise as soon as they occur.
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Assignment Troubles? Resolve Them Easily

If you’re studying for a business degree in order to further your entrepreneurial aspirations, you have a lot to manage. If assignment troubles get to be too much, remember to ask for help. But first, remember these pointers.

Former Red Robin Franchisee In Legal Trouble For Violating Franchise Agreement

After failing to make royalty payments, a Red Robin franchise in Texas is being sued for continuing to use branded logos and goods inside...

Computer Troubleshooters Is Offering A Reduction To Its Franchise Fee

The Irish Franchise Magazine: To help potential franchise owners to purchase a Computer Troubleshooters business, the company is offering to a reduction of 20 per...

WiMax Franchisee Issue May Spell More Trouble For A. Raja

The Hindu: Indications of wrongdoing and irregularities in the BSNL shortlisting WiMAX franchisees were available to the UPA government about a year ago, around the...

Computer Troubleshooters Franchisees Score High On Franchisee Satisfaction

Benzinga: Computer Troubleshooters franchisees are generally happy business owners, according to a recent survey conducted by Franchise Business Review, an independent market research firm based...

Troubled Area Jack In The Box Outlets May Face February Auction

Sacramento Bee: Jack in the Box restaurants owned by troubled businessman Abe Alizadeh could be auctioned off in February, ending months of financial turmoil for...

Bubbles, Zubbles, Toys And Troubles

Wired: They’re bubbles. And they’re in color. And they wash out, rub away or plain evaporate after splattering. Describing Tim Kehoe’s invention — Zubbles — is...

Chopra-Endorsed MLM Runs Into Trouble

Wallet Pop: Back in May of 2008, Zrii was one of the most hyped-up multi-level marketing launches in history. The amalaki juice bears the endorsement...

How To Identify And Deal With A Financially Troubled Franchisee

The Metropolitan Coporate Counsel: Franchisors dealing with financially distressed franchisees will find that three maxims generally hold true: an out-of-court work-out is usually preferable to...

New Scams For Troubled Times

Wallet Pop: 1. Phishing scams related to the financial crisis According to the Federal Trade Commission, there is a new round of email scams out there...
8 Basic Business Finance Tips You Must Know

Business Finance: 8 Basic Tips You Must Know

Establishing a business is the dream of so many young entrepreneurs. However, with the happiness of running a business, many will forget to manage the most important part of it: business finance. Are you wondering what you need to know? Let's find out.
Why Business Owners Should Write a Will

Why Every Business Owner Should Write a Will

Have you thought about what would happen to your business if something unexpected happened to you? This isn’t a pleasant thought, but it is inevitable, and everyone must take proper precautions. Business owners in particular should write a will.
Student Loan

In Arrears With Your Student Loan? 3 Things to Consider

Student loans are often one of those things that feel hopeless. However, there are various solutions available to students nowadays that might be able to ease their financial burden. Here are three things to consider that may help you.
Leave the Financial Struggle of Living Without Savings Behind

Leave the Financial Struggle of Living Without Savings Behind

In business and life in general, people are always looking for ways to reduce their expenses and build up their savings. This is especially true in the current economy. This post offers some clever money-saving ideas that can help.
Software Development: Essential Technology for a Successful Enterprise

Software Development: Essential Technology for a Successful Enterprise

Since our world has been completely computerized, well-designed software is a key ingredient of any successful business venture. Proper software development will help you achieve your commercial goals more constructively, more quickly, and with lower investments of money and effort.
Credit Card Debt

Why Credit Card Debt Is Bad for Your Finances

Let's talk about credit card debt. Credit cards can actually be excellent financial tools when used responsibly. However, mishandling credit cards can be detrimental to your finances and your business. Here's what to look out for.
Top 5 Educational Math Apps to Watch for in 2022

Top 5 Educational Math Apps to Watch for in 2022

The math apps we talk about here are designed to help students learn math skills. So whether you're a student yourself because you're studying for an MBA to further your business aspirations or you know a student who is struggling with math, check out the math apps we talk about in this article.
How to Start an Automotive Repair Emergency Fund

How to Start an Automotive Repair Emergency Fund

An automotive repair emergency fund can spell the difference between a stalled, unusable car and a smooth, hassle-free ride. Here are helpful hacks to build an automotive emergency fund to let you weather future car troubles without hurting your credit score.
Safety Issues for Businesses with Customers in the Workplace

Safety Issues for Businesses with Customers in the Workplace

Millions of employees suffer work-related injuries every year. If you are starting a business or hoping to improve your business safety approach, here are some critical health and safety issues to keep in mind, especially if you routinely have customers in your workplace.