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Road-Paver Lays Asphalt UNDERNEATH Traffic

Autopia: A recent design school grad has come up with a machine that can pave roads without shutting down lanes or stopping traffic....

Road-Paver Lays Asphalt UNDERNEATH Traffic

Autopia: A recent design school grad has come up with a machine that can pave roads without shutting down lanes or stopping traffic....
business relationships - featured image

How to Build Lasting Business Relationships

Your business relationships are more important than you might think. This post provides some helpful advice for building better ones.
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10 Signs Your Asphalt Parking Lot Needs Repair

A shiny, pitch-black asphalt parking lot increases the attractiveness of your business and tells your customers that you take care of your company’s premises. However, if your parking lot is looking rough around the edges, you might need have it repaired. Here are some signs to look for.
MACD Indicator - featured image

Do You Need the MACD for Your Forex Trading?

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay  Forex traders find the MACD (pronounced “mac D”) indicator to be a very useful tool....
mobile home park investing

Mobile Home Park Investing: Your Next Big Business Venture?

For those with an itch to combine their entrepreneurial skills with an interest in investing, real estate offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, getting started in residential or commercial real estate can require hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of experience. There is, however, a lesser-known method of real estate investing that requires less upfront capital and still yields fantastic rates of return: mobile home park investing.
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3 Brilliant Entrepreneurial Hacks from Brewdog

The rise of craft beer has been a clarion call for a host of hipster breweries over the past few years. But self-styled Scottish punk brand Brewdog is the pick of the entrepreneurial bunch.

Become a Sandwich Artist with a Subway Franchise

There may be no more successful franchise opportunity in the world than a Subway franchise. Starting from humble beginnings in one of the smallest states in the country – Connecticut – Subway has grown into an international brand.

Become a Sought-After Background Screener

If you’ve always secretly wanted to become a spy, then perhaps background screening could be an exciting and rewarding business for you.

Are You Handy? Turn That Skill Into Profit

If you’re handy around the house, maybe it’s time you started offering those services to the general public.

Take My Advice: Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

If you’re currently in the process of trying to get a business opportunity off the ground, it might be best to read advice from some entrepreneurial heavyweights.

Why Shark Tank is Terrible for Your Business

Contestants audition for the right to go begging, hat in hand, to a handful of appointed gurus who might deign to take a large chunk of their business in exchange for a small amount of money. If they’re very very lucky.

Why you Might Need a Property Search

Investing in property is a huge undertaking, whether you're a first time buyer or a corporate firm. It's imperative to have a full understanding...

Meet the Man Behind the Instagate: Tailgate in a Box

Today we learn more about the man behind the successful Kickstarter campaign to make your tailgating experience easier.

Skating On Carpet

For Don Edwards, it began with a need to move furniture on carpet with ease. In 1993, he designed a product called EZ...

A New Take On The Beach Towel

Spring is almost over and summer is approaching fast. If it is already warm enough where you are, you've probably hit the beach...

Tanning In Your Pool

Cheri Garcia started with an idea. How do you enjoy a beautiful day floating in the pool while getting the best tan possible?...

My Review of the Stand Steady Standing Desk

I've wanted a standing desk for a very long time, because standing desks are cool. This is funny, because a couple decades ago, my first...

The Baby Bottle Bib

There are bibs for messy babies, but what about drippy bottles? Previously, the solution might have been to toss the bottle and buy...

Invisible Bike Helmet Invention

SmartPlanet.com/blog: Invented by two Swedish women, the Hövding bike helmet keeps fashion-conscious cyclists safe without compromising their appearance. Designed to inflate over your head in...