How to Start a Food Truck

Food trucks have become a wildly popular and important part of the hospitality industry. Consumers are flocking to these mobile food businesses in droves, inspiring national food truck competitions and even a show dedicated to the topic on The Food Network. The relatively low cost of entry as compared to starting a restaurant, combined with

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Hot Dog Business Opportunities

photo credit: TheBusyBrain Hot dogs are enjoying a renaissance of sorts, especially in Columbus, Ohio where six new eateries that specialize in the tasty bun-filled meals have opened up recently. Food snobs needn’t scoff: With toppings ranging from dried cranberries to cream cheese served on high-quality wieners, the timeless hand-held meal has turned into the

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How to Find Business Ideas

Forbes has up a fantastic article about how to find a profitable business idea in minutes. They’ve sorted through hundreds of methods of idea extraction and come up two incredibly simple questions: What is the most important activity you do in your business? Do you have any pain associated with this activity? Start with a

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