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5 Compelling Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog Having a credible and successful internet presence is key for any business in the digital age. There’s no doubt that you spent a considerable amount of effort...
Managing Cost: The Secret to Starting a New Business When you’re starting a new business, money can be difficult to manage. If you have a little seed capital, it can be easy to overspend on things...
Business contracts are a very important part of doing any kind of business. It is critical that you make sure your contracts are done correctly by a professional, that they are signed and legally binding and that you are fully aware of the obligations and implications of the agreement you are entering into. Here are a number of reasons why you need a good lawyer on your side when you are entering into a contract:
Just last month I was contacted by a young man named Chris who said he had discovered, back in 2014 while he was 17 and still in high school. He said he started his own app development business and had grossed more than $4MM as of August 2016. He wanted to say thank you for the wisdom in our blog pages. Today very young people like Chris are becoming millionaires at an astounding rate. Students today are bright, sophisticated and technologically savvy. They use offers from websites like pay for essay to get their homework done, so they can get busy writing code, creating apps or developing entire websites and creating their own livelihood. Thinking about all these young entrepreneurs inspired us to put together a list of the Top 10 Business Movies that every young person should. Here it is:
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Your great ideas and passion are only half the battle in running a successful business. The ability to provide adequate start-up capital is not always the only key to success either. In fact, even with large sums of cash injected into a new venture, a huge number of new startups will still fail within their first year. Why is that? Often times it from failure to plan a procedure and budget for proper advertising.
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I have a friend, let's call her Colleen. She’s been down on her luck the past few years and has not been able to catch a break. Divorced, lost her job, 16 year old son causing her grief – I’m sure you get the picture. Colleen has always worked for someone else and she is tired, frustrated, pushing 43 and looking for a better way to live.
If you have just started a home-based business or are taking care of accounting activities on your own for the first time.
Arm yourself with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The Only Thing That Matters

There's only one thing that matters when you're starting a business, and it's not your product, and it's not your team.
No one knows how often companies rip off original material from applicants. But job tryouts requiring submission of business plans are increasingly common.
With the New Year come the New Year’s Resolutions: going to the gym, learning a new language and marketing better on Facebook. Here's how.
Don't be confused: your sales price is not a function of your costs to produce the product.
Most ideas are fleeting "sparks" that go no where and are forgotten almost immediately. What if you could get better at coming up with actual money-making ideas?

What is Market Research?

What is market research, and how do you do it?
A business opportunity is a need or want that can be met by a new business venture.
Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a pecan pie. But, pecan pie is more than just a great Thanksgiving dessert -- it also content marketing at it's best.
Angel investors are often rich individuals who provide startups with capital for their start-up costs. The term comes from Broadway, where it was originally used to describe the wealthy individuals who provided money for theatrical productions.
How to Start a mobile boutique business
If taco trucks are the only thing you think of when you imagine truck businesses, guess again. Here are 50+ different businesses that operate on four wheels that you just might want to check out!!