To help push you in the right direction, we’ve collected a list of some low-cost, home based opportunities that you can look into today.
The company has signed a deal under which a new US-based franchisee company, LA Fitness Cryo, will offer cryotherapy services at 40 LA Fitness sites over the next two years throughout the U.S.
MobileStamp is a type of loyalty business that can be run from home and is becoming extremely popular today.
Headquartered in Merrillville, Ind., American Direct Sales offers an opportunity for prospective business owners that only costs $100 to get started.
Here is a brief summary of the most popular types of business opportunities available to prospective entrepreneurs today.

Types of Home Based Businesses

Consider the following types of businesses that you could run from the comfort of your very own home.
This is a different type of business that is best suited for individuals with access to financial capital, and who can gain access to business contacts rather quickly.
Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. owner and operator of several restaurant brands globally, announced that its quick healthy concept, Just Fresh, is offering franchising opportunities.
When Lucas Walker and Riley Wallbank couldn’t find single-ingredient treats with large enough quantities for their three Boxers, they embarked upon a new business opportunity.
360 Solutions is an innovative approach to the trending movement towards hiring coaches or consultants.
Business opportunities can come in all shapes and sizes, and can appear at any time — even when you least expect it.
Four years ago, Kate Kuepers went back to school to get a master's in education. To make a little extra money in her free time, Kate Kuepers opened up a wedding floral business out of her home.
Are you an expert at something? Can that something be turned into a business? If the answer is yes to those questions, then you should strongly consider becoming a consultant.
An aggressive, five-prong franchise development program is in the works, building on record sales and brand enhancements ranging from a new premium menu to table service.
There are some great companies that are advancing by leaps and bounds today, even given the economically uncertain times we have been living in.
The restaurant franchise division has announced that the person who refers the first franchise owner in Washington will receive a bounty of a trip for two to Bruges, Belgium.
The key is to analyze all possible business opportunities, see how they fit in with your strengths and weaknesses and then determine if any of them are worth pursuing.
Bubble Bus, the first and only mobile business of its kind, is now offering franchise opportunities after 10 years in business.
ECS Business Services, committed to helping businesses by reducing their monthly utility costs, has begun licensing their business model to success-driven entrepreneurs just like you.
The concept of pop-ups has been around for awhile but really started gaining popularity just a few years back.