Not every invention can lay claim to changing millions of lives for the better. But there is a very special one that has done just that.
One of the best ways that you can start seeking out new business opportunities is by envisioning where the future is heading.
Whether you’re looking to expand your current business, or you’re looking to get your start as an entrepreneur, affiliate marketing is something that you need to know about and understand.
With a captive consumer base that can purchase your creations at the click of a button, it’s no wonder that countless entrepreneurs are flocking to the mobile app business.
The key is to identify underserved markets. That’s exactly what one young entrepreneur from Manhattan did before launching her business venture – and just a year later, business is booming.
Leverage Drone
Businesses and corporations have been making use, or are thinking of making use, of drones for a wide variety of purposes.
Millions have suffered from slip and fall accidents, and thousands of businesses have been virtually helpless to prevent them.
Woman using E-Cigarette
If the idea of getting into the business of e-cigs sounds appealing to you, there is an assortment of reseller and distributor programs available.
Best Home Based Business Ideas
We’ve compiled a list of the best home-based franchises that might be the perfect opportunity for you.
home energy
Programs, both nationwide and locally, are creating incentives for energy audits – so the demand for certified auditors is high and will only continue to grow.
eGlove is an award-winning leader in touch screen technology gloves for outdoor sports and everyday warmth.
If you’ve always secretly wanted to become a spy, then perhaps background screening could be an exciting and rewarding business for you.
The new app that takes the hassle out of moving.
Three important things to keep in mind for how you can best prepare yourself for harnessing your own entrepreneurial spirit.
How can you get involved with flipping houses? Is it really as profitable as they make it seem?
How to Start a mobile boutique business
If taco trucks are the only thing you think of when you imagine truck businesses, guess again. Here are 50+ different businesses that operate on four wheels that you just might want to check out!!
electrical contractor
Photo by from Pexels Running your own business as an electrical contractor can be a rewarding and challenging occupation. By going out on your own, you get to enjoy plenty of freedom and flexibility. It's up to you...
Josh Pitts invented the Clicker Ring, and successfully raised startup capital on Indiegogo to bring this dog clicker life. Read our interview.
You have a great idea for a business. You’ve tested it, maybe even sold a few items and now want to take it to the next level. Maybe you need some funding, a technical expert or you just need someone to run the business-side while you generate growth ideas. No matter your entrepreneurial situation, there will come a time when you discover that you can’t do it all alone. When you get to that juncture, you have two options:
Today we learn more about the man behind the successful Kickstarter campaign to make your tailgating experience easier.