automobile business
In this post are three questions to ask yourself before you begin building your automobile business. You can use these questions now to develop momentum as you begin build your business. Use them later to infuse your business with the strength to endure for years to come.
tax filing
Have you taken care of your U.S. tax filing for your business this year? Or do you plan to file for a personal tax refund with the IRS? Well, you are running of time on both counts. That's because the U.S. tax filing deadline is April 17, 2018. If you are not sure what to do, we have a handy guide to share with you. You can use this infographic as a step-by-step guide when you're applying for a tax refund from the IRS.
commercial property
Do you own a gas station, a shopping center, a line of retail shops, or some office spaces or convenience stores? If so, are you thinking it's time to sell your commercial property? Or perhaps you're considering leasing your commercial property to other businesses. In either case, you'll probably want to work with a commercial broker. But aside from that, there are a few real estate selling principles that will streamline a lot of your real estate headaches.
penny stocks
Are you looking for ways to raise capital to start or expand your business? One of your options could be investing in penny stocks. Penny stocks are common shares of small private companies that trade at very low prices. Here, we share five recommendations for buying and selling penny stocks, sometimes called small-cap stocks or micro-cap stocks, that can help you to become a better investor.
For those who own a small business, you are likely always looking for ways to stay competitive in your market. As a result, you might be thinking to include cryptocurrency of some kind in your business. As a matter of fact, that idea is likely quite enticing. The only drawback is that you might feel as if you have come to the party just a little bit late. After all, the news about cryptocurrency has been spreading like wildfire around the world. You might have some fears that the whole thing has already reached a saturation point. That isn’t really the case, however. Read on for some of the reasons why this is so.
realistic budget
One of the most important tasks for any prospective business owner is creating a realistic budget. When you create a budget for your startup, you will identify anticipated income, expected expenses, and various cash needs. A realistic budget is a key component for any startup business plan. It's essential that you have it in place before you begin any of your company's other work. Let's take a look at how you can do this.
Are you struggling with out-of-control debt? Do you dread collecting the mail because it will only have bills in it? Or do you ignore calls from unlisted numbers because you think it might be your creditors hounding you again? If you are in this situation, there is no point in putting things off any longer. Every day that you avoid the issue is just going to make the situation worse. Let’s get a handle on your out-of-control debt, shall we?
It's been a long, sometimes hard, sometimes thrilling road. As a solopreneur, you're all your business has. Without you, there would be no company. But that's the way you like it. That's the way you roll. However, you've seen your share of hard times. There were days when you thought about giving it all up. But you didn't give up. You had a dream of the business you wanted to create, and it was always that dream that kept you going. But now, it's time to plan for your retirement, too. What's a solopreneur to do?
If you’re facing a financial crisis in your business, you might want to consider taking out a personal loan to cover the shortfall. A personal loan can help you pay for repairs and renovations to your home or business, as well as payroll and other business expenses. Personal loans are generally unsecured. However, as with all financial instruments, a personal loan can be tricky. Therefore, before you apply for a personal loan you should ask yourself a few important questions.
Intensive research is a good way of determining which method of small business funding is right for your prospective business. You might even require a combination of different sources. However, the bottom line is finding the perfect fit to get your business off the ground.
Kumari Fulbright
Today, entrepreneur Kumari Fulbright is here to talk about getting a Woman- or Minority-Owned Enterprise Certification (WBE/MBE). Kumari has helped several MBE/WBE firms secure contracts on big projects like the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Dallas Museum of Art and Dallas Love Field Airport. She has also played the role of consultant. As such, she provides tips on what WBE/MBE firms can do to land government contracts and grow their business edge among the competition.
startup idea
Lots of people have a startup idea. Some of those people actually get serious about owning their own business. Are you one of those people? Many people hold back on pursuing their startup idea for one reason or another. Often, that reason is funding. You might think you have to have some property to put up as collateral for a loan. You might even have heard that you need to have good credit to get funding for a startup idea. However, in today’s world, there are numerous ways to find the money to start a business. Read on for some creative ideas.
Before venturing into the foreign exchange market, you need to open a trading account with a currency trading broker, commonly known as a Forex broker. A trustworthy Forex broker makes it easy for traders to make profits and succeed. Here are 9 critical factors every trader should consider when choosing a Forex broker.
Are you dreaming of becoming a full-time Forex trader? The mere thought of earning money from the comfort of your home proves enticing. The rewards can be amazing as well. Add to that the fact that you finally get to be your own boss and you might think you’re all set to start your Forex trading venture. But just because you’d start allotting more time to trading doesn’t mean the money will follow. Before you decide to quit your day job, answer these questions first.
All of a sudden, cryptocurrencies are all over the news. Bitcoin, especially, with its huge jump in value in 2017, made people aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies. Suddenly, everyone is talking about blockchain technology. There's a new way of trading and thinking about finances in the air, powered by high-end technology and how connected we are these days. And now you’re thinking: “What cryptocurrencies should I be watching out for in 2018? Which ones are worth investing in?” Whether you’re investing in cryptocurrencies so you can afford law school one day, looking to get rid of credit card debt, or raising funds for the business of your dreams, these are the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2018.
Forex trading competitions, held both by brokers and the community of Forex traders, have a lot to offer. For one thing, they're an excellent way of bringing Forex traders together with other traders. Even if you have missed out on these trading competitions so far, give yourself the opportunity to attend one soon. It will give you a chance to share with other traders your wildest dreams of winning in the Forex market. What's more, you just might win the competition's grand prize by defeating all the traders in attendance.
student loans
If you're eager to launch your new business but finances are holding you back, you're not alone. Funding is one of the most common barriers to starting a business. As a matter of fact, most entrepreneurs have to get creative to launch their ventures. Crowdfunding, borrowing from friends and family, and applying for SBA loans are common approaches, but there are other options, as well. One avenue that many people don't consider is refinancing their student loans.
Perhaps you’re one of those people who has shown a knack in the past for choosing investments that are profitable. As a matter of fact, your investments outperform whatever market they might inhabit. If that is the case, there is a good chance that you’ve been able to make a pretty penny from such activities. But there is another way to benefit from this expertise as well. That is, you could become an independent investment advisor.
Whatever option for customer payment your business chooses, make sure that it’s one that will provide the revenue your business needs to stay healthy and grow. Whether you’re hauling a load of toys or doing plumbing, you have to have on-time and accurate customer payment.
Are you investigating ways to raise capital to start or expand your business? One of the options you might want to consider is a car title loan. To put it simply, a car title loan is a secured loan that uses your car title as the security for the loan. What this means is that you hand over your car ownership on a temporary basis until you have fully paid the loan. But how do you ensure that you get the best deal on a car title loan? Below are 5 useful tips to keep in mind.