The Product is the Message

A brand is a promise. It represents a group of people that stand for something. In exchange for buying into that brand, the people behind it will deliver that promise.
What happens to all the truck drivers when they've been replaced by driverless trucks?

Where’s All the Love?

What's love got to do with starting a business? Sometimes hate is an even more powerful motivator.
Contestants audition for the right to go begging, hat in hand, to a handful of appointed gurus who might deign to take a large chunk of their business in exchange for a small amount of money. If they’re very very lucky.
Internet leads are still the dominant source of franchise sales, but what are franchises missing putting by all their eggs into the lead portal basket?
Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a pecan pie. But, pecan pie is more than just a great Thanksgiving dessert -- it also content marketing at it's best.
At first, the ability to check email, read ESPN, or browse Zappos while on the job may feel like a luxury. But in time, many crave more meaning.
The invention of the wheel without a way to execute on that idea was worthless.
Very small businesses – enterprises employing only one or less people – are what is needed to close the “meaning gap” in the modern workplace.
According to one anonymous startup consultant, most of today's young entrepreneurs who's first real work experience is in an internet startup, will turn to franchising in their late thirties. "There's a point in everyone's life, when...
Successful entrepreneurs are supposed to be outgoing, risk-taking workaholics. But there are actually nine different types of entrepreneurs, each with their own style and interests, allowing more of us the chance to enjoy the joy...

Ignore the News

Something I planned to touch on later, in part two (or three) of my Behind the Curtain series, but that seems very apropos to today, the day after the Boston Marathon bombing, is one of...
Aaron's NASCAR Image
Article Source: Rent To Own Franchise Aaron's, Inc. to Honor the Armed Forces Foundation with a Commemorative NASCAR Race car. Aaron's, Inc. and its franchise owners will honor the Armed Forces Foundation with a commemorative race car at the...