Your Pro Kitchen

Your Pro Kitchen offers a professionally-equipped, commercially licensed multi-station kitchen facility for professional cooking and baking. In addition, they are flexible enough to support many different uses, such as cooking classes, private events, and the production or bottling of your products.
Jet Blue just announced "all you can jet" travel. Think about this kind of pricing for your business. Is there a way that you could get people to prepay for the ability to use your service an unlimited amount?
The challenge in writing and researching a Twitter business book is to look at all the strategies, methods, and ways of making money on Twitter, and to bring them together into a book that is current, yet filled with case studies that will not go out of date.
In June, Billy Mays the television direct-response advertisement salesperson well known for his introduction, "Hi, Billy Mays here," died from an apparent heart attack. Here's a video tribute to him that includes his famous line and the openings of 30 of his TV commercials.

Niche Biz: Camel Milk

Does the idea of camel milk appeal to you? In some countries, camel milk is called “liquid gold” for its healing and nutritional qualities. Camel’s milk has three times as much vitamin C as cow’s milk and contains high amounts of iron, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins.
Preparedness creates confidence, and confidence seals deals. So take a good look at our points, and see if you and your venture fit the profile.
Free E-Book: If A domain name is used well together with a creative idea, you can create a killer marketing campaign that can skyrocket your sales. is giving away two marketing and advertising books for small town business owners.
DECKStraordinaire is a Michigan-based company that designs and builds decks with flair. They are now offering a bizop that is perfect for someone who's never built anything.
Amber Riviere fell into entrepreneurship naturally because she had a talent that other people were willing to pay money for.

Luxury Water

A luxury hotel in London now has it's own "water list." Like a wine list, more than 30 of the world's most expensive bottled water brands are available. Luxury water looks like it could be a great business to be in.
The launch of the shopping cart was a huge flop. Customers didn’t want to use the new invention. Young men thought they would appear weak using the carts; women thought they were unfashionable and too suggestive of a baby carriage.
A new pizza vending machine will cook an entire pizza with fresh ingredients, flour, water, tomato sauce and ingredients in less than three minutes.
Too often, many would-be entrepreneurs spend all of their time planning before they actually figure out whether or not they actually have a product or service that someone will pay for.
Healthy World Environmental is a turnkey moisture inspection and mold remediation business opportunity. Their process is safe for the environment.