Those who think that business writing and creative writing are the same thing, are sorely mistaken. There is a clear difference between business writing (attempting to make an audience aware of and potentially purchase your product), and writing creatively (for the benefit of someone’s imagination or enjoyment). While there are pieces of creative writing that may mimic business styles, rarely will you see an example of business writing that imitates creative styles so it’s important to know the differences. Perhaps a more drastic comparison cannot be made than one between business writing and creative writing.
Social media has been great for businesses—but it can also be a scary place. Nowadays, all it takes is one angry customer to quickly share their displeasure across the social networks to put a hurt on your business. The idea of a customer complaint going viral and spreading around the web is the stuff of nightmares for many businesses. But smart businesses know that they still can control the situation by practicing good reputation management. So how do you go about doing this for your business?
This is a guest post from Mason Bruce. He started his culinary adventure a couple of years ago and he tells us, “Despite the hard work and long hours, I am so glad I took the leap into opening my own restaurant.” Here are Mason’s tips for you to help you get your own restaurant business started.
A field that has been progressing for quite some time is laser engraving. In fact, manufacturers of laser machines have seen increased interest and year over year sales growth in their machines and say the industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. What Is Laser Engraving? Laser engraving is cutting and/or etching into different product types including rubber, wood, metal, glass and mirror. Different engraving types require different types of equipment so it is important to do a bit of homework before you rush out and buy a machine. With the sophisticated engraving equipment offered for sale today, your business is only limited by your imagination.
For those of you looking to begin investing in the stock market, here is an interesting article. Should you take the leap, you should know there are a few things to consider before you begin investing. The following article offers some tips and tricks to help you get started  on the right foot:
Business contracts are a very important part of doing any kind of business. It is critical that you make sure your contracts are done correctly by a professional, that they are signed and legally binding and that you are fully aware of the obligations and implications of the agreement you are entering into. Here are a number of reasons why you need a good lawyer on your side when you are entering into a contract:
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If you run a business, there is no doubt that you should have a website that lists your services and, if you sell goods, has a space for customers to buy your products online. A great website can not only bring in extra revenue, it can also attract new customers easily. But if you have one, you need to make sure that your brick-and-mortar store is successful as well.
In any small business, one major budget concern is always operating costs. While operating costs include rent, salaries, utilities, etc., but today, a significant portion can come from using technological based systems. There is so much to consider when starting a small business, it is important to consider what the best solutions are for your company.
Are you looking to start a digital business? If so, you are going to need to make sure you systems are operating 24/7. And if for some reason they should stop, you need to make sure you have a good electrical contractor to get things back up immediately.
Hopefully, if you have launched a new business, you are planning to host a launch event to get your brand name out there. It’s a great way to meet new customers and to celebrate the start of your new enterprise. However, getting one of these events right does take a little planning. It will be fun but there can also be a lot involved so you will need to stay organized. Keep in mind that you will not only be planning your event, but promoting it too. You will want to make a list to ensure you have not forgotten anything.
The advent of the internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. No longer confined to the limits of your local area, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to connect with customers from all over the world whether they’re a multi-national conglomerate or a startup based at home. With such power, comes a little responsibility, though, at least if you want to be successful. If you want to fully understand the different markets around the world, staying on top of the latest news regarding their currency is essential.
Christmas is a time when we show our appreciation to family and friends by exchanging gifts that are personal and meaningful. So, why shouldn’t this be the case with your customers and employees too? As the festivities approach it can be difficult to find the time to start organizing something for everyone within your business but this could help to further your business’s success the following year.
Getting customers into your store is one of the biggest challenges you may face as a retailer. If you make sure you get enough people into your store in the first place, you can obviously make more sales. But what can you do to increase foot traffic? There are many tricks and tips that you can take advantage of to get more people into your store AND put them in the mood to buy. Here are a few to get you started so that you can give your foot traffic and revenue a serious boost.

How to Start a Yoga Business

Yoga is a large and growing industry. The 2016 Yoga in America Study indicates that practitioners spend $16 billion a year on classes and gear. Further, CNN gave yoga teaching the tenth best job in 2016. This shows that there is space for new yoga businesses. Despite the positive numbers, there are several things that people should consider before jumping in to a yoga business.
In the technologically inspired world we live in, it is only logical to wonder if your business cards might be becoming obsolete. Yet I can assure you they are still a very important part of your business tool box. Here are some examples of what business cards CAN do for you..
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There are over 100,000 gas stations, both privately owned and franchised, in the United States. Even with alternative fuel vehicles getting up to 55 miles per gallon, gas stations aren’t going away any time soon. With purchase prices sometimes as low as $70,000, and the opportunity for healthy profits, purchasing a gas station can be an attractive business opportunity. If you’re thinking about getting into the business, we have a few great tips to help simplify the management of your gas station.
Big Data is becoming a huge deal in the business world and is a trend that companies simply cannot ignore. With so much data being accessible today, many organizations feel overwhelmed with it all and are unable to process it. However, it’s vital that these companies are able to use their big data to make key decisions in the company, using their data alongside other strategies to make sure their processes are at maximum efficiency. One of the most valuable ways to increase this efficiency is to train employees on how they can make decisions based on data. A lot of employees may find that large amounts of data in any given project can be too much to process, but with the right training, there’s no reason why companies can’t make their big data one of their most powerful and useful tools.
A tell-tale sign of a well-managed operations department is having the ability to reduce costs without creating a negative impact on day-to-day operations, customer satisfaction levels, or workplace safety. In order to achieve the desired results, it's crucial to understand what areas to focus on in order to keep maintenance costs under control and maximize cost savings. Here are some things to consider that could help lower warehouse operating costs:
If you’re a brand new trader, the world of trading can seem like a scary place; especially if you’re trading all on your own. However, there’s no need to worry as help is at hand through trading strategies. Every single trading strategy is different depending on the person making the trade. As such, it’s really difficult to discuss individual strategies, as you have to find something that’s tailored to you. However, having said that, almost all trading strategies can be split into two broad groups: fundamental analysis strategies and technical analysis strategies. Here, we discuss both, followed by how you can access them and use trading apps to help you trade.