Groupon Style Cash for Classrooms

DavisPatch: Laurie Coffroth looked at the sorry state of funding for public education and saw a business opportunity. The Elk Grove mother of three recently launched Cash for Classrooms, which charges local businesses to have their coupons inserted into students’ backpacks. Cash for Classrooms will funnel part of the proceeds back to schools. With California’s […]

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Disaster Brings Invention

Fast Company: Catastrophe is a powerful agent for invention. More than gadgets like the Rescue Reel and SeatChute, which conjure up an almost super-hero-like fantasy, ever since September 11 entrepreneurs and scientists (and some who wear both hats) have been quietly plodding away at a variety of ideas, mechanisms, and processes designed to make the

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Emoticons Coming Soon to Cars

Emoticons are coming to a car near you with the introduction of the Drivemocion. The Week: LED circuit board that attaches via suction cup to a car’s back window and is operated by remote control, the Drivemocion comes programmed with 16 messages to express a wide range of driver emotions, including remorse (SORRY, when cutting

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NYC’s Pet Chauffeur

NY Times: Fifteen years ago, Mr. Lang noticed that the subway system’s vast ridership included few dogs. Passengers can bring small pets on board in carrying cases, but owners of larger dogs cannot travel with their pets by subway, bus or taxi. Sensing he could fill a void, he founded Pet Chauffeur, a taxi service

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Plastic Surgery for Pets?

UK Telegraph: The trend for cosmetic surgery on pets started in the US, where all kinds of treatments have been devised for animals. Chin-lifts among dogs became popular in the 1990s in order to curb excessive drooling. In the mid-1980s ‘Neuticles’ were invented; testicular implants that were designed to give neutered pets a more masculine

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