Plastic Surgery for Pets?

UK Telegraph: The trend for cosmetic surgery on pets started in the US, where all kinds of treatments have been devised for animals. Chin-lifts among dogs became popular in the 1990s in order to curb excessive drooling. In the mid-1980s ‘Neuticles’ were invented; testicular implants that were designed to give neutered pets a more masculine […]

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Aerial Advertising That Anyone Can Do

A Connecticut man has turned his motorized parachute ultralight flying machine into an advertising opportunity. He’s renting advertising space on his inflatable wing: As the ultralight aircraft swept down near the cannons on Tuesday, the underbelly of the 500-square-foot parachute boasted in huge letters, “Westport Wash & Wax 203-CAR-WASH.” Scott Tiefanthaler, owner of the car

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Rentable Backyard in NYC

I live in the middle of nowhere and take my backyard for granted. New Yorkers, though, live in apartments and private, open, green space is at premium. Timeshare Backyard has stepped up to fill the need. The business is a grass lot in Manhattan’s Lower East Side that is rentable for $50 per hour. Video

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Meet the Class of 2015

Every year marketers release statistics and fun insights about that year’s college freshman. The Class of 2015 report from Mr. Youth, a youth marketing and social media organization, is out. Most interesting insight for me: Did you know that “The Class of 2015” watches TV with at least two or more electronic devices so how

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