First Aid For Fashion

Who do you call when your dress begins to slip? Elaine Popove, of course. She is the founder of Miss Fix Fashion Products, which is the home to Fashion-Aid. Her roll-on adhesive helps keep strapless dress from slipping too low, reports Campbell River Mirror. Popove’s Fashion-Aid product is a liquid fashion adhesive designed to secure

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Cub Scout’s Lawn Mowing Empire

MyFox9: It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but one 11-year-old Cub Scout is financing his new dreams by turning into a lawn-mowing mogul. Despite his age, Bill Breitenstein seems beyond his years and hasn’t gone by “Billy” since kindergarten. Now, he’s going into sixth grade and was yearning for a new mountain bike. So, his

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Are Gov’t Contracts Really Reaching Small Business?

Central Valley Business Times recently reported findings from the American Small Business League (ASBL) that the SBA is lying about the actual number of contracts reaching small businesses. Last week the Small Business Administration said that the federal government narrowly missed its congressionally mandated 23 percent small business goal. The SBA announced the government awarded

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Facebook Wins Over The UK

Americans are not the only people falling in love with social networking. In the UK, Facebook has taken control of Microsoft’s 2nd place position of the most popular websites visited, reports MSNBC. Even more surprising is the age group many of these visitors fall under. Facebook attracted a record 26.8 million visitors in Britain in

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