Mussel Sniffing Dogs

Debi DeShon used to train dogs to sniff for drugs and other contraband, but as the economy slowed she looked for a new niche. She found on in mussels: At her new business she’s using some of the same techniques she used to “Mussel Dogs” is DeShon’s new detective venture, and She’s training dogs to

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Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is finally here! While you’re doing a little spring cleaning in your home, Savannah Morning News has a few tips that will help you spring clean your business, too. Clean up your excess inventory An easy place to start cleaning may be with your inventory. If you are a retailer, you should analyze your

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Old Timey Con-Artistry

Their techniques may have changed a little, but the general principles of the con atrist remain the same as they were when this article from a 1930s issue of Popular Mechanics: Recently a middle-aged man walked up to the teller’s window in a small mid-western bank and asked to be given a fifty dollar bill

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Inflate And Surf Gear

What happens if you do not have enough room to bring your surfboard to the beach? C4 Waterman considered that problem when they launched a line of inflatable surfboards, paddleboards, and rescue equipment. Their inflatable line of gear makes it easy for people to transport it to the beach, where they can inflate it, and

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Divorce is Up With the Economy

The US divorce rate is seems to be a macabre indicator of the economic health of the country. The divorce rate that fell as the country slipped into recession is rising again, according to the Financial Times. “There is huge pent-up demand,” said Marshal Willick, a Las Vegas matrimonial attorney, who has noted an upturn

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Jewelry Inspired By Nature

Wife, mother, and life-long crafter, Susan Miller, would appear to be a busy woman. However, she has added another job to her list: entrepreneur. According to Franklin Lakes Patch, Miller designs a variety of jewelry pieces that are all inspired by mother nature. Miller wove together her interests in jewelry design, crafting and the natural

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