Building A Better Hammer

Most people would not give the hammer in their garage or shed a second thought. After all, the job it fills is quite simple. The person picks it up, and it hammers things. However, Kenneth Del Colgiano felt that was not good enough. Kenneth has created the Wise Hammer. It not only hammers things, but […]

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National Small Business Week

With National Small Business Week approaching next month, the SBA is getting prepared to celebrate. From May 18th to 20th in Washington D.C., the SBA will be hosting a variety of events under the theme, “Empowering Entrepreneurs.” It will also mark the 58th anniversary for the SBA, and the 48th anniversary for the creation of

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Advice For Women In Business

Being a woman in the business world is not always easy. Everyone has a few obstacles to face when starting out, and Prairie Business has brought together some of the best advice from the women who have been there. How can it help you in your own business? Kari Newman Ness, CEO, Newman Signs Ness

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I’m Watching You!

I may not be watching you in a literal sense, but there is a new camera that can. A Czech inventor named Zdenek Kalal has created a unique surveillance system that can track a person while they are on the move, reports Inventor Spot. Kalal’s Predator smart camera is programmed with a learning strategy that

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Sports And Haircuts

Who knew sports and cutting hair went together so well? Gordon Logan did. He is the founder of a fast-growing franchise called Sports Clips. According to ABJ Entreprenur, men are nothing like women at a salon. They don’t want to gossip. All they want is their hair cut so they can leave. At Sports Clips,

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Mommy Blogging Circles

When moms wanted to chat, they used to do it on the benches at a park. In the 21st century, they are now doing it around the web. Carlsbad Patch takes a look at just how big this trend has grown. Could the mom next door be the next Dooce? A Nielsen report in 2009

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