Redefining Small Business

The SBA has recently proposed revisions that would make a few adjustments to the definition for small business. This change would adjust the revenue-based size definition that a business needs to meet if they want to fall under this category, reports Times Record News. As part of its ongoing comprehensive review of all size standards, […]

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Do You Really Need A VC?

According to Business Insider, only 3 out of every 100 companies that try to get cash from angel investors succeed. The success rate with venture capitalists is even lower. Disappointed yet? The truth is, you do not always need an investor to get going. Below are a few tips that will help you get off

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Finding A Sales Rep

Yesterday I mentioned Janie McQueen,a woman who had trouble selling baby apparel made by her mom. As soon as she found a sales rep, her business became a success. But how do you find a sales rep? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at how people like Janie find reps, and what they look

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iPad 2 Gray Market

The iPad 2 isn’t officially for sale in Hong Kong yet, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them — if you’re willing to pay a 100% markup. M.I.C Gadget has more: Amazingly, a retailer, Mr. Lo, who is the ‘master’ of the gray market in Hong Kong, who distributed hundreds to thousands of

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Getting Your Goods In Stores

All Janie McQueen wanted was to find a few stores that were willing to stock the baby items that were hand sewn by her mother. Even shops that knew her quite well turned her down. Not to be deterred, she turned toward the Internet. She created a website and posted the items on Etsy. Unfortunately,

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Anyone Can Make An App Now

Have you ever wanted to make your own app? APC Mag discusses the upside to Google’s new App Inventor for Android. Millions of years of human evolution had come to this: a picture of a cat that meows and vibrates the phone when you touch the screen. It was a small victory – and one

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