Dividing the Utility Bill

Two BYU students created a webservice called to split utility bills between roomates. Universe has more: Dusty Hulet was explaining to a professor the business idea of electronically splitting utility costs between roommates when a student approached him; he said his roommates owed him $200 each for months of utility bills. Having utility costs […]

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Small Businesses Growing Again

Deanna Bellacicco Breault is making over her social media presence, hiring a part-time marketing consultant, and playing with the possibility to sell her products on QVC. Another biscotti maker, Debbie Sadowsky, is giving her product packaging a makeover and in the middle of relaunching her website. For both women, it is a sign of growth,

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Coming Soon: The Bank of Wal-Mart?

InvestorGuide: Wal-Mart is still in the early stages of banking, hoping to ultimately create a branded bank, much to the vehement opposition of the U.S. banking industry. The company has been twice denied takeovers of banks, but it has expanded its financial services drastically and silently through partnerships with Discover, GE Consumer Finance, MoneyGram International

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Building A Better Hammer

Most people would not give the hammer in their garage or shed a second thought. After all, the job it fills is quite simple. The person picks it up, and it hammers things. However, Kenneth Del Colgiano felt that was not good enough. Kenneth has created the Wise Hammer. It not only hammers things, but

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