Real Life Accounting

Yesterday, my hometown newspaper profiled a local accountant who offers accounting courses on the internet. Modesto Bee: John Day of Sonora claims to have just what you need: an online course called Real Life Accounting. It’s designed, he said, for nonaccountants who need to understand the concepts, not necessarily master them. In three years, his […]

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Heinlein on New Ideas

“The hardest part about gaining any new idea is sweeping out the false idea occupying that niche. As long as that niche is occupied, evidence and proof and logical demonstration get nowhere. But once the niche is emptied of the wrong idea that has been filling it – once you can honestly say, ‘I don’t

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Swapping Summer Jobs for Teens

Ben Casnocha: “Most [teens] end up working for their parents (you know, file papers, answer the phone, etc). But the thing is no parent really wants to hire their kid because they want young Johnny to get the experience of working for someone else in an environment that more accurately mirrors, well, real work. Why

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Great Networking Questions

Jill Konrath: “Some people just seem to be right at home when they’re at a networking function. They chat effortlessly with strangers and create new relationships with ease. Not me. Much as I’d like to see myself as suave and debonair, I’m really a bit of an introvert. I’ve had to learn these social graces.

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