Don't be confused: your sales price is not a function of your costs to produce the product.

What is Market Research?

What is market research, and how do you do it?
A business opportunity is a need or want that can be met by a new business venture.

How to Pay Salespeople

There are three main ways to pay salespeople. Some are better than others, but any of them might be right for your biz.
Sometimes your "no," isn't really a no. It's just an objection to be overcome. Find out how to stop your friends from pestering you with their network marketing business.
Ideas are just multipliers against your execution. Even the best idea with no execution is worthless.
Dane explains that the floppy disk isn't obsolete because it stopped working, but because the industry created alternatives that were so much better, and how that relates to growing a business.
A reader needed a couple new business ideas for his small town. Dane came through in droves.
Dane explains why procrastination robs you twice: once of your time and once of your happiness.
Mystery shopping is actually a real thing. Who'd have thought it?
Do small businesses still need websites in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Yelp? Yes, says our resident expert.
Her cleaners keep cutting her out of deals with homeowners. What should one cleaning company owner do?
What does Dane say to an entrepreneur who can't come up with an original business idea to save his life?
Are field inspection businesses a scam? Is it a real business? Dane's answer: Kind of. Find out more in today's Reader Mailbag.
Franklin's decision-making technique works for anything: which franchise to buy, what business to start, or what to have for dinner.
A plumber asked for internet marketing help. What kinds of contrarian advice does Dane give him?
A reader asked, "What is the real difference between a franchise and a business opportunity?"

Should You Write a Book?

Someone, somewhere, is going to steal your business idea, so don't sit on it. A reader asked via #askDane on Twitter: Hi Dane. I sell . I've been thinking about writing an ebook describing exactly...
The following post is made possible by support from UPS. A reader wrote: What is supply chain management? Ok, that seems like a really strange question to ask me but I'm game. Let me Wikipedia...
A reader asked: Can you kindly provide me with the email address or website on the concrete tent business opportunity that previously appeared on your website. thank you The companies website is