SEO, or search engine optimization, is important these days mostly because smart consumers turn to the internet first. Even if they finally end up driving to a store across town to make a purchase, they’ve done their research online beforehand, because they want to know they’re getting a great deal—and they want to know where to find it. A smart SEO strategy will help people who want and need what you have to offer find you as easily as possible. Begin developing that smart SEO strategy by following the tips you’ll find here.
Social media analytics is all the rage. There are dozens of tools out there to help you make sense of your social media marketing efforts. The most important thing you need to know is what to measure. Knowing this can make the difference between success and failure of your social media marketing plan.
In 2002, the average Internet user would have interacted with two touch-points when purchasing an item. Less than 10% of users would use more than four touch points. Today, however, average consumers will use almost six touch-points when making an internet purchase. This means that sellers and business owners need to stay on top of where and how their audiences are buying their goods. Here is an Infographic from Mediahawk to better explain the importance and future of Omni Channel Marketing.
There are plenty of business opportunities for you to consider, but we’ve chosen five of them to highlight.

50+ MLM Companies

MLM Companies offer income opportunities from not only the sales of products, but also the sales of other salespeople they recruit. You can receive multiply levels of compensation referred to as your "downline".  Most commonly, the...
Just as with any other business opportunity, you will need to exercise great patience and resolve in order to find success.
Scentsy Green Apples Product

Top MLM Companies

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has continually been on the rise, and numerous MLM companies are poised for explosive growth in 2016 and beyond.
Perform due diligence by asking the right questions about the business, your prospects, customers and team members well in advance of getting involved.
At some point in your life you’ve been pitched a multi-level marketing (MLM), direct selling, or network marketing business opportunity. 

How to Avoid Pyramid Schemes

There are two common sense truths that can, and will, protect you from pyramid schemes.

An Opportunity In Kids Books

CBS News: Usborne Books & More Usborne Books & More is really a mom-marketed company and is perfect for moms with young children. The unique part about it is that you can really incorporate your kids...