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It might sound strange to discuss making your offices more "like home" for your employees. After all, these spaces are designed to be productive! You might want to re-think this stance as employees today want to feel inspired and cared for. You work so hard to recruit, train and motivate your staff - let's look at a few surefire ways to help keep them.
Business is booming, orders are up, customers are happy, you are thinking of taking on more staff. Happy days! Right?? Hmmm… This is what I’ve always wanted. So why am I feeling so stressed?
Business storage; the how, the where and the when. It is the key to efficient selling and stock control. The bigger the space, the more complicated it gets to keep track of everything. Regardless of your stock level during the startup phase, putting methods and systems into place early can most certainly help you be organized and efficient into the future. Here are a few ideas for you:
Online advertising is slowly taking over more traditional forms of marketing. Your own business needs to jump on the train so as not to get left behind.
Like any other business, when running a law firm, there is always the same marketing question; what part of your campaign and spend is generating good, quality leads? Once any business can answer that, they can begin to improve their campaign and spend money in the right places - ones that improve the bottom line. Here is one unique system we thought you would like to hear about.
Getting a mortgage these days is difficult enough, but for the self-employed it can be nearly impossible. Here are some tips to help you find your way to a great loan.
Each year, we take time to review our lives and decide which habits we hope to build upon or get rid of. Here's another way to think about it... Read some tips to make your 2017 goals realities.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? You set your own hours, enjoy all the profits, and most of all, there is no boss breathing down your neck all day. Read on to discover how to become a successful solopreneur
Choosing an investment bank can be a hard decision. The services of PierCap Partners aim to give clients peace of mind in knowing they possess all the insights they need to make completely informed decisions that will meet their goals. We are aware how critical it is for you personally and professionally to make the right strategic decisions. We are here to offer you a mix of Wall Street and Main Street solutions powered by our expertise and experience so that you don’t have to go it alone.
When dealing with the purchase of any property or business there are so many different things that can go wrong, that it is common sense to ensure you are protecting your investment properly. However tempting it may be to try and lower your budget, attempting to complete the purchase or sale of a business property without a lawyer is fraught with danger. Read this article to show you the right way to invest.
How to Find Your Dream Job
The world of work can be a confusing and complicated place. If you’re coming to the end of your formal education and are wondering what sort of career to pursue, or you’re stuck in a dead-end job and are desperate for a fresh start, you need to take action now.
business trips represented by a man's hand holding a boarding pass and a carry-on bag
Featured image by Joshua Woroniecki via Pixabay For an entrepreneur, going on business trips may not be the first priority. After all, there are a whole lot of other business-related expenses to think about. However, think...
There are lots of advantages to working with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provider. First and foremost, you know you are using a product that has proven value. The market does a good job of weeding out the bad ERP products. You also get expert assistance throughout the implementation process so that you can take advantage of a customized ERP faster. But the greatest advantage may be the ongoing customer support you receive.
Autonomy in the Workplace
Modern day professionals are given a lot of day-to-day responsibilities but they don't often feel a sense of autonomy at work. Managers must learn to rely on them and their capabilities. Only in this way will ownership as a core value become a part of a company's culture.
This one is for all you out-in-the-field entrepreneurs that require rugged equipment in order to get your job done. Just a few tips for you...
Getting customers into your store is one of the biggest challenges you may face as a retailer. If you make sure you get enough people into your store in the first place, you can obviously make more sales. But what can you do to increase foot traffic? There are many tricks and tips that you can take advantage of to get more people into your store AND put them in the mood to buy. Here are a few to get you started so that you can give your foot traffic and revenue a serious boost.
Videocasting can help you build your brand and company. It’s an excellent opportunity, one you don’t want to miss out on. So what is a videocast? Instead of just putting up a website and having people look at your pages, you can create a video with interesting power point pop ups that makes your customer feel like the know who you are and gives them all sorts of interesting information. Here are a few tips to help you create your first Videocast ever:
I know when you are starting out with a new business you need to save money everywhere you can. Is it possible that one of those ways could be with your vehicle? I used to be one of those people who had to own a new car every three years. It didn’t matter how much money I was wasting, I think it was tied up with my image somehow that I had to have a new car to show I was doing well. Even when I had a low paying job (and was working for the man) and could not afford my car payment, I still purchased a new car.
Let’s face it, small businesses today have a lot to handle. From accounting to customer service and everything in between, many business owners seem to need to do it all. Many lack the desire and/or revenue to hire multiple employees to handle the work load. This means that business owners can end up wearing many different hats. For you owners out there, we want to tell you there are many Software tools available to help with time-consuming tasks like book keeping, payroll and customer service. Here are 5 positions you can fill with software:
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There are over 100,000 gas stations, both privately owned and franchised, in the United States. Even with alternative fuel vehicles getting up to 55 miles per gallon, gas stations aren’t going away any time soon. With purchase prices sometimes as low as $70,000, and the opportunity for healthy profits, purchasing a gas station can be an attractive business opportunity. If you’re thinking about getting into the business, we have a few great tips to help simplify the management of your gas station.