If you’ve been working from home for any length of time, you’ve likely discovered what many others who do the same have also discovered. It’s a lot more difficult than you initially thought it would...
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How To Value A Business

When you need to calculate the valuation of a business for investors or when you are in the process of selling your business, make sure you’re performing the right calculations to determine real business valuation.
Because you’re the most essential ingredient in your business, it’s important that you possess the vital traits that you need.
You’ll be your own boss, they said; staying motivated will be easy! Well, as you’ve likely already learned, this isn’t always the case.
If you have just started a home-based business or are taking care of accounting activities on your own for the first time.
So, you want to be the best entrepreneur that you can be? There’s a lot you’ll need to do, but it all begins with making these five things your daily habits: 1.They Focus on the Business No...
Managing information flow and communications effectively is essential for business success.
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You may be small, but you're not a disadvantage when it comes to automating your social media and PR.
It's easy for connected workers to work from anywhere with an Internet connection, and book international flights, accommodations, and taxis from their smartphones.
There's a plethora of businesses in the marketplace which provide the same goods and services as you but it's your job as the leader of your company to use every tool available to make your...

Top Tips for Facebook Ads

If your business is already advertising on Facebook and not seeing results, you may not be paying attention to certain crucial tips and tricks.
The Coke recipe is still a secret, and what that has to do with your business.
No firm can function without the efforts of its employees. It's the hard work and dedication of personnel that make the wheels of industry turn. And when people are happy in their roles, they tend...