Kyle Hart started out as an insurance salesman. When he took up video work as a side job, instead of buying camera equipment, Hart decided to build his own.
If you’re a consumer of entertainment – and who isn’t? – then you’ve likely noticed that the entertainment industry is going through something of a growth spurt.
Before you even consider pursuing a franchise, there are some things that you must think through in order to ensure that you’re going into the whole experience with your eyes wide open.

Brewing Up a New Idea

Coffee is a $30 billion industry, and vending is a lucrative industry, so combine the two and reap the rewards
If you are ready to take the lead on a new business opportunity and are busy getting everything organized, make sure you’re not making mistakes that will set you back in the long-term.
The only cost associated with getting started is going to depend on how much you value your time.
It is popular today for people to want to be their own boss. Before launching out on your own new business, however, there are five things you need to know.
If you’re currently in the process of trying to get a business opportunity off the ground, it might be best to read advice from some entrepreneurial heavyweights.

Creating an Adaptable Logo

In today's digital age, it's easy to create a logo with all the bells and whistles. You may be envisioning a multi-color logo with depth and visual interest. Before you pull out all of the...
Small businesses are the heartbeat of the American economy. While it’s the large corporations who get most of the publicity, it’s the thousands of smaller businesses who keep things running smoothly. For many people, the best place to start is from the comfort of your own home.
The big lesson: don't give your business a long name.
It turns out, that unless you're an entrepreneur, your lifetime earnings are probably determined in your 20s.
You've found a franchise -- great! Now for the difficult part, how do you pay for it?
By combing through publicly available information on social media the company was able to create a composite picture of startup entrepreneurs.

18 Startup Mistakes

Want your business to be a success? Just do the opposite every point listed here.
These five mistakes will kill your pitch even before you get a chance to make it.
Use this condensed checklist as a way to begin judging whether the business opportunity will be successful and profitable.
If you make a salary of $50,000 per year, in twenty years you'll have earned $1 million dollars, but who wants to wait?
A barber had experienced a string of setbacks and was deeply in debt. Find out how he not only got out of debt, but had great success by not being conventional.
Great entrepreneurs are built. They aren't born that way. That's good news for you. It's never to late to start something awesome.