Exactly how to set up an online business
I was travelling years ago and picked up a copy of the "How to set up an online business" magazine at the airport. The book was so helpful I ended up reading it multiple times - earmarking pages, high lighting, underlining and making notes. This book is amazing...
As a business owner, you’re probably investigating and perhaps purchasing a wide array of tools and software to make your life easier. Among your many choices is Microsoft Excel, still a remarkable piece of software, despite the fact that it’s been around for a while. In case you’ve overlooked it, we list below some of its many uses.
Raising money is the toughest hurdle any entrepreneur has to face. As soon as you mention the words “money” and “startup” in the same sentence, doors slam in your face and acquaintances dash across the street to avoid having to say hello to you. If you find yourself stalling when you think about raising money for your startup, consider the suggestions here.
Are you thinking of becoming your own boss? Have you spotted a gap in the market and have an incredible business idea? Most people will need a little help to get their bright ideas off the ground. Here are 5 simple steps to help you build a solid and successful business.
Business storage; the how, the where and the when. It is the key to efficient selling and stock control. The bigger the space, the more complicated it gets to keep track of everything. Regardless of your stock level during the startup phase, putting methods and systems into place early can most certainly help you be organized and efficient into the future. Here are a few ideas for you:
You are just getting started with the plans to build your business into the next big thing. The enthusiasm with which every startup commences is palpable. Every founder has a solution they plan to offer the world to fix a want or a need somewhere. With that said, it is important to note the statistics on startups can be bleak. Statistics report as many as 90 percent of them failing in their first year of operation. With numbers like that, it is critical you have a great business plan, marketing strategy and adequate cash so that your business will be one that thrives and soars!
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I have a friend, let's call her Colleen. She’s been down on her luck the past few years and has not been able to catch a break. Divorced, lost her job, 16 year old son causing her grief – I’m sure you get the picture. Colleen has always worked for someone else and she is tired, frustrated, pushing 43 and looking for a better way to live.
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Starting a business is the American dream. After all, who wouldn’t want to: Be their own boss Call their own shots Take off when they want Vacation when they want Have enough money and time to live the life they choose Answer to no one except themselves.
If you watch Shark Tank, one thing you may be curious about is how well the companies do once they leave the show.
To succeed as a startup, it’s important to know why others before you failed and learn from their mistakes. At Autopsy.io, now you have that information right at your fingertips.
Not many of us have an extra $2,000 a month lying around. But if you do, and if you travel frequently throughout the East Coast, we know a great for you to spend that money.
One of the most memorable episodes of Shark Tank featured former service men and women pitching their ideas. Marines, soldiers and sailors were all represented, but how did they fare in these choppy waters?
With the rise of online retail, traditional malls have been dying a slow death. They’ve been forced to evolve and re-invent themselves or risk becoming yet another abandoned retail wasteland.
The Syndey-based startup Qwilr is hoping to send unattractive, static business documents away forever and instead replace them with beautiful, dynamic webpages.
If Scratch Wireless has anything to say about it, Wi-Fi bills could become a thing of the past.
Joyable, a Bay-area startup, launched in March to provide evidence-based, affordable mental health services to the millions who can’t access them. The startup had raised $2.05 million in seed funding to help get up and...
We’ve put together a list of 17 tools that will help you simplify certain aspects of your business that may be tripping you up and forcing you away from your other, more important, duties.
If you’re spending your days in a corporate setting daydreaming of starting something new, maybe now is the time to make the jump. Need some inspiration
The new year is well underway, and there are already a bevy up startups that are poised to disrupt the way that we do business all over again.