Businesses should always be looking for ways to implement new processes that create a standard operating procedure. However, many organizations don’t know how to start making a procedural shift. Kanban provides answers to this dilemma.
creative minds
Ditch the narrow mind set when hiring employees for your tech business. Instead, look beyond candidates' resumes. That's because people with creative minds will connect the dots and send your brand soaring high.
use instagram
Instagram has become a leading social media platform. That's because it helps brands to form more personal connections with their customers. By educating themselves about consumer behaviors, businesses can use Instagram to connect with their target audience.
video marketing
In 2019, we’ve moved into a digital world. If you have not already begun to integrate digital marketing into your business, you run the risk of falling behind. Moreover, implementing video content in your marketing will help you stay ahead of the competition and reach new customers in ways that other marketing just can’t.
Maximizing the potential of your website is going to take some planning. Fortunately, if you focus on making it SEO-friendly, you will be a step ahead others.
CRM software
If you're looking for smart CRM software that will serve your organization well, look to these tips to find the solution that works best for you.
Gone are the days when word of mouth and other traditional marketing methods were all it took to attract new patients to your clinic. Now, if you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to be thinking about your online presence. Here are some of the things you can do to create an amazing website that brings patients to your clinic.
recession proof
Is there a recession coming in 2019? Honestly, we’ve no idea. But when it comes to your company and your livelihood, it makes sense to prepare for the worst by making your brand recession proof.
on-demand business
Technology dominates our world. This applies especially to the business world, which changes at such a fast pace that it’s difficult to keep up. However, these cool on-demand business ideas could help us to keep pace with the changes. Moreover, they would appeal to wide audiences. And any one of them could spark your next entrepreneurial venture.
kajabi feature
Because of the multifaceted nature of running an online course business, you need to have a reliable online tool, a tool that can cater to your needs. Kajabi’s numerous features are geared toward helping you advance, organize, and streamline your online course business. Accordingly, you no longer need to sign up for various third-party apps. Kajabi has everything you need and then some.
computer servicing business
With so many firms and people reliant on computers, it is easy to say there is a demand for computer servicing companies. This makes it an attractive industry to enter. However, make sure you follow the tips here to give yourself the best chance of success with your new computer servicing company.
retail pos
Technology has taken over the world, and the retail industry can’t escape. As stores follow new customer trends, the first thing retailers need to do is to be more organized. That’s where the quest for a retail POS system starts. Here we break down for you the five things you need to look for in a retail POS.
torii feature - saas management
The biggest challenge that IT departments face in 2019 is keeping up with their ever-growing technology stack. SaaS management solution Torii goes a long way toward helping IT managers consolidate and centralize SaaS ecosystems.
payment method feature
Is it time for you to decide how you will allow customers to pay for your goods and services? Then there are a few key things you'll want to consider. Read on to find out how to choose the right payment method for your business.
Most businesses need a reliable call service for everyday communication. However, traditional phone systems are quite expensive. But did you know there is an option available nowadays? It's called VoIP technology.
answering service
An excellent answering service will help your business to prosper. However, hiring one might not be a smooth sail. It can be easy to make a wrong move. Moreover, if you are doing it for the first time, there are some critical questions that you need to ask whenever you are searching for an answering service company. These questions will help you when you're shopping for an answering service.
internet of things
Digital transformation in the field of manufacturing has been nothing short of remarkable. As a matter of fact, industrial IoT, or the industrial internet of things, has begun to dominate the manufacturing industry. That is why most IIoT investments are being made in this sector. In fact, an IDC forecast shows that discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing will spend an estimated $197 billion this year on IoT platforms. This will make that industry the largest vertical from a total spending perspective.
rota planning
Managing your employees can be a time-consuming task. However, when you factor in the need for a shift schedule that covers all of your needs for the week, it's easy to see that you could soon face a big rota planning headache. Here are some pointers on how to create a shift schedule that works for your business.
Coding has left the basement, and the coding language Python is leading the way. So book a short training session for your development team. And who knows? They might then create the next great game or productivity tool as a result.
live video
You’ve likely seen plenty of your friends using live video on various social media platforms. Have you thought about using the tool as an entrepreneur to market your business? Rather than a “boomerang” video or a clip glitzed out with floppy dog ears, you can instead use the power of live video to generate interest in your company. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this tool.