Cute chatbot - featured image
Want an inexpensive way to improve engagement and increase sales on your site? Try bringing a chatbot on board. Chatbots will revolutionize your business.
Inverter generator
Delays in satisfying customer requests can cost you, and that's just what a lengthy power outage can cause. So keep your business up and running regardless of the circumstances by investing in an inverter generator.
Using Instagram - featured image
In this article, we discuss how to use Instagram to get the most out of that platform. Hopefully, you'll gain some insights about using Instagram not only for entertainment but also for promoting your business.
WhatsApp Marketing - featured image
WhatsApp boasts more than one billion monthly users from countries all around the world. The app has become an important messaging tool for both personal and business use. The best part is that it is free to use.
Gold or Bitcoin - featured image
“Buy Bitcoin, bye gold,” is an increasingly popular catchphrase among investors today, arising amid the growing debate on the question: Bitcoin or gold?
inventory management feture
If your business is growing rapidly, manual logging can get out of hand quickly. Let’s take a look at seven reasons to consider inventory management software.
In this post, we discuss ITIL. That is, we examine what it is and what its benefits are. Also, we discuss how professionals can achieve the various levels and earn the corresponding badges.
online ordering
Online ordering is a popular trend for many businesses. In particular, though, it has proven to be a real boon for restaurants. As a matter of fact, having your own online ordering system is essential if you want to increase business for your restaurant in 2019.
video content
Professional quality corporate video is becoming an industry standard. Moreover, when you consider the ecosystem of content, it’s a no-brainer why so many businesses are turning to both consumer-facing and internal video content.
traveling abroad
Traveling abroad is a fact of life for many entrepreneurs and others. Here are some ideas on how to nail it every time.
high tech tools
Here we take a look at three high tech tools you may or may not have heard about before. All of these can benefit your company.
backup generator
Is your business prepared for a significant power outage? Do you have customer data or valuable inventory to protect? The right backup generator can save your business when your power goes out.
Software development takes place in an increasingly competitive environment. To continue to evolve in 2019, companies will continue the rapid adoption of DevOps strategies.
help desk software
A smoothly running help desk is critical for the success of any business. And implementing help desk software will streamline your business and boost productivity. Here are some of the benefits of implementing a help desk system in your business.
big data and AI
Big data and AI make it possible for industry leaders to make numerous decisions quickly in real time. Used together, these technologies offer actionable insights into customer behavior. Further, these insights allow companies to deliver customized products to consumers in optimized ways.
desk accessories
Who doesn’t love getting more done in less time? For the productive person who is committed to starting and finishing important tasks, here are 10 cool desk accessories that will make you feel like you’ve just upgraded your professionalism by a hundred percent.
digital onboarding
Consumers have gone digital and so should businesses. However, while it has become increasingly convenient for consumers adopt new technologies, businesses aren't finding digital onboarding easy. Fortunately, successful digital adoption is possible.
Have you been considering the possibility of jumping into trading on the forex market, the CFD market, the futures market, or the commodities market? Then let 70Trades show you the way. Before long, you'll be well on your way to becoming an expert trader in whatever market you choose.
Many entrepreneurs across various industries get started by launching a home-based business. There are even owners of small businesses who have downsized to work from home because it’s less expensive. Let's delve into what it takes to run a successful home-based business.
search engines
The strategy for ranking higher in the search engines is called SEO. In this post we take a good look at what it takes to earn higher rankings.