How to Save on Business Travel Expenses
Travel expenses incurred by business employees or managers are among the most overlooked business expenses. They are also among the costliest. As inflation continues, businesses should reevaluate their expenses and look for ways to save on business travel.
apparel advertising - featured image
Apparel advertising is still a powerful way to get the word out about your business. Here are ten ideas for putting apparel advertising to work for you.
eco-friendly - featured image
Thousands of conferences are held around the world each year, and each one uses significant amounts of energy. Taken together, they produce tons of waste. But more sustainable conferences are possible. The next time you’re planning a conference, think about making these five simple changes to make it eco-friendly.
holiday markets - featured image
Holiday markets provide an excellent chance for food-based businesses to attract new customers and boost their sales. Here are a few tips for preparing your food stall for the holiday markets this year.
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Participating in an exhibition is a great way to expand any newly launched venture or give an established business a well-deserved boost. Here are some tips for making your next exhibition wildly successful.
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One of the key drivers of trade show marketing is content. But what kind of content should your business create before your next trade show?
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In South Africa Forex trading is pretty popular. In fact, some have managed to become quite wealthy by way of Forex trading. Here, we introduce you to some of the wealthiest Forex trading millionaires of South Africa.
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Whether you're planning a trade show or team dinner, when you’re planning an event, it's all about the details. In this article, we have prepared a checklist for you. Read here to find out how to plan a successful event.
Perhaps the most important thing you can do after a conference is build on the relationships with the people you met while you were there. Here are some tips that can help.
There’s a huge difference between attending a trade show and being a trade show exhibitor. If you’ve never stood on the other side of the booth, there are some things you probably don’t know about the experience. Read on to find out more.
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If you sat up and took notice of an ad for a new product, it’s probably because that product had behind it a really great marketing campaign and a well-thought-out launch strategy. Therefore, before you launch your product, incorporate the essential steps we discuss in this post.
branding events
Standing out in a crowd of thousands of people at a trade show is no easy task. This is especially true when a hundred other vendors are trying to do the same thing. For branding events like these, this is the time to attract attention and spread your name to those who aren’t familiar with your company. Here are some innovative ideas on how to promote your business creatively at branding events.
custom pop-up tents
The next time you book your business at an exhibition or trade fair, use a custom pop-up tent to promote it. Do not opt for a regular pop-up tent. Instead, choose a tent that will allow you to customize it however you see fit. While they might cost a little more than plain tents, custom pop-up tents are one of the quickest and most affordable ways to bring public attention to your business.
pop-up exhibition stand
As a business owner, you can use a pop-up exhibition stand to promote your brand. Take yours to trade shows, conferences, exhibits, and other large gatherings. In short, a quality pop-up exhibition stand will help you promote your company. If you're planning to promote your company at an upcoming event, you should invest in a quality pop-up exhibition stand. Here's why.
exhibition stand
What is the first thing that attracts potential customers at an exhibition? Without a doubt, it’s your exhibition stand. Custom-built stands are especially important in ensuring that you can meet your business goals when you attend a trade exhibition. But for you to make the best use of custom-built stands, there are a number of things you should bear in mind.
Light + Building is the world’s largest exhibition of futuristic products and services in the field of lighting, electrical and building automation. And the 2018 fair is just days away, March 18-23, 2018, on the exhibition grounds of Frankfurt am Main. Read on for important details about the event.
Make no mistake about it; the cost of renting exhibition space seems to be on the rise. We're not going to speculate about the reasons why, but considering how important some of the leads from these type of events can be, it's still a no-brainer for most businesses to attend. We have compiled here some of the best methods to make sure that your stand is the standout piece of the show—and ultimately gets those coveted leads.
It is not too late. If you are seriously looking for the perfect franchise and want to attend a trade show to find hundreds all in one place, the Franchise Expo West is October 6-8, 2016 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Read the Post to find out dates for 2017 as well as wonderful education information