New Entrepreneurs: 3 Questions to Answer Before Another Day Goes By

Are you a new entrepreneur or hoping to become one soon? Remember that every successful business started with a good idea. Pizza Hut started with a single store and is now a massive chain. Richard Branson started by selling CDs by mail order and is now one of the world’s most successful businessmen. If you are one of today’s new entrepreneurs—or if at the moment you just have dreams of starting your own business or building your brand—then there are some questions you need to answer for yourself before another day goes by.

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The Legit Way to Grow Your Blog Quickly

If you’ve ever noticed a new blog popping up in the blogosphere seemingly overnight, you might wonder why they are suddenly so popular while you are still slogging away trying to get some traction. Most often, there’s one thing happening behind the scenes that is causing those blogs to grow. Usually, these successful blogs have taken advantage of something known as blogger outreach, a legitimate way to grow your blog quickly.

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The Car Wash for Cows

British farmers are aiming to milk profits and boost productivity with this latest agricultural machine – a car wash for cows. The industrial-sized device features a huge swinging “cow brush” similar to those used to clean vehicles and lorries. It is fixed inside a barn and herds of cows can pass through and receive a

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Candy That Fights Cavities

Science Daily: Dr. Kleinberg discovered how saliva’s chemistry helps teeth neutralize the acidity created from eating food by balancing the pH levels in the mouth. “[It’s] like if you’ve got a swimming pool,” Dr. Kleinberg said. “You have got to get the pH right. If you’ve got a neutral pH, you’ve got the ideal condition.”

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