Everyone needs help running their business. Living your dream of owning a franchise means realizing your independence, but as you encounter day-to-day challenges and weigh important decisions, there’s no need to operate in a vacuum.

Your entrepreneurial skills can be enhanced by up-to-the-minute information and insights into business trends, franchise business opportunities, and innovative new technology through our business help blog.

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Here are just a few topics covered in this ongoing series of business opportunity articles:

Understand the latest technology and how it will impact your industry.

New technologies change the business playing field every day, including new appointment scheduling software, cryptocurrencies, online business opportunities, and regulation changes. Keeping up to date lets you take advantage of the technology or move quickly if your industry is impacted.

Should your business be involved with cryptocurrencies? Find out here.

Consider the pros and cons of investing in business assets such as vehicles.

Deciding whether to invest in depreciable business assets is easier with detailed analysis of the returns on investment and benefits vs. risks of adding new assets.

Does your business need a fleet, or should you let employees drive their own vehicles? Consider your options here.

Deepen your financial expertise to improve your bottom line.

Articles focus on financial topics and business banking, credit, and finance to help you keep your financial house in order and take advantage of available financing opportunities. Regular financial posts will outline your options and make sure you take advantage of the right opportunities.

Should you make depreciable business investments on credit, or use them as a tax benefit? Check out the considerations here.

Improve your risk management strategies to protect your investment.

With every additional employee, vehicle, or asset comes some risk. Discussing and analyzing how to manage risk effectively will help you keep your business secure.

Do you have waivers or insurance in place to protect your business from necessary risks? Look into the topic here.

Sharpen your presentation skills to land the next big customer.

The business world is rapidly changing, and the traditional flip chart and pie graphs may not be what your executive level audience is expecting. Effective tips and guidelines for business presentations will help you put forward the polished professional image you want.

Are you ready to present a compelling proposal? Find out more here.

Knowledge Is Empowering

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Taking advantage of the tools and resources we share will give you an edge over the competition and expand your business opportunities into new areas and new customers, while enhancing your service to your loyal customer base.

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